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90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle PASSED AWAY After Going Missing In Brazil? Karine Shares Sad News

Karine and Paul no longer star in 90 Day Fiance. Yet, their storyline grabbed a lot of attention. Despite having a successful season, TLC kicked them off of the show. It happened because of their court cases and domestic violence allegations. Then, after losing their children’s custody, Karine was in America trying to regain it. However, he fled the country and went to Brazil because he was in trouble with the law. Well, a new post on his ex’s profile suggests that Paul is no more in this world! Why has Karine implied that her former husband has passed away?

90 Day Fiance: Paul No More In This World? Karine’s New Post Hints So

Paul and Karine’s journey first began in Before The 90 Days. The former traveled to the latter’s country, i.e., Brazil. Later, they took the decision to live their lives in the US. But after having two kids, they pulled the plug in their relationship. But things got more turbulent after this after the 90 Day Fiance stars lost the custody of their sons. While Paul escaped all responsibility and flew to Brazil, his partner has still been committed to regaining their custody. Amidst all this turmoil, Karine suggested another devastating news!


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By the looks of it, Karine has implied that her husband passed away. It all began with an announcement saying her ex-husband, Paul Staehle, had gone missing. But after a while, the 90 Day Fiance star shared a reel with pictures of her family. She stated not all their memories were bad and that their kids “loved” him. After seeing the post being in the past tense, fans began speculating Paul must have passed away. But there has been no proper confirmation about the same.

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That’s not all. Karine also took to her Instagram stories to make a story highlighting the importance of life insurance. Because of all these cryptic posts, there is a buzz going around that Paul Staele is maybe no more in this world. At the same time, 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates also tried to uncover this matter and made posts about Paul as he has been close to him. He claimed to be in touch with the celeb and had a conversation with him this week on Tuesday. Yet, he had no latest updates.

90 Day Fiance: Is Karine Pregnant?

Paul and Karine’s relationship was always toxic from the get-go. Things got really weird between the two. The latter was guilty of being violent towards her husband, and the video of the same also went viral. Because of their problematic marriage, they also lost their kids, Ethan and Pierre’s custody. After sharing a bunch of posts suggesting her ex is no more in this world, another shocking thing happened in Karine’s post. She made a post, most probably showing off her baby bump.

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Karine was in a short white top with high waist powder blue trousers. The latter highlighted her probable bump. She made sure to give a view of it from the front as well as the side. Well, fans are extremely baffled. They have been having trouble keeping up with the family. That’s because it has been too much to process that Paul might no longer be in this world, and Karine may be expecting again. Many also suggest that they might just be duping the audience. How do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments below. Keep track of all the latest 90 Day Fiance updates by checking TV Season & Spoilers.

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