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90 Day Fiance: Nick Ham Has A Pretty Stable Job, Here’s How He Earns A Living

Nick and Devin are one of the new faces introduced this season on 90 Day Fiance. The two met in Australia, and now Nick is here, in the US, on a K-1 Visa. They have been one of the stable couples of the season who have problems, but not the overtly dramatic kind.

Nick is from South Korea, and so he has often been compared with Jihoon Lee by the audience. However, there is a significant difference between the two, and the show’s fans have applauded Nick for it. He has a job in South Korea, and it is a pretty professional one if you ask us.

90 Day Fiance: Nick’s ‘Day Job’ Is An Actual Profession

The South Korean 90 Day Fiance star Nick Ham moved to Searcy, Arkansas, on a K-1 Visa to spend time with his fiancé and co-star Devin. The season has shown how the pair have had to navigate various problems and cultural differences to be together.

Fans got to learn that Nick’s legal name was Seungdo Ham and that he was from South Korea. The fans couldn’t help but start looking for similarities between him and a 90 Day Fiance spinoff star, Jihoon. However, this comparison came to an end once they got to know what Nick did for a living. And the show’s fans are actually appreciating him for having an actual job.

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Nick is actually an electrical engineer in South Korea. He referred to it as his ‘day job,’ and joked about being a “karaoke star by night” as he enjoys karaoke bars. To add to his “typical Korean guy” career chart, he also has experience in the South Korean military. So, Nick is actually a rare species of the 90 Day Fiance cast members who have sensible jobs and are not self-proclaimed influencers and models.

The 90 Day Fiance star revealed that he joined the military after experiencing bullying at school, as he was an introvert. This pushed Nick to get enlisted and see the world. He also learned English during that time. And all of this led to him meeting the love of his life, Devin.

90 Day Fiance: Nick & Devin Ended Up Together?

Nick had met Devin in Australia through a dating app. Now, the South Korean native has moved to the US on a K-1. However, prior to Nick’s move, Devin had visited South Korea to meet his family. She took this decision because he wanted his parent’s approval for her. This is because he is very close to his family. Nick feared his parents’ disapproval, as Devin wasn’t from their cultural background.

But a recent report indicates that the Arkansas beauty might have won the 90 Day Fiance star’s South Korean parents’ blessings. This is because they have reportedly gotten married. This was a shock to the fans as well. But there is solid proof of their nuptials taking place.

90 DAy Fiance

According to reports, the couple applied for a marriage license on March 1, 2023. They then went on to get married on April 1, 2023, just a month later. The ceremony officiant was a ‘minister’ who worked as an agricultural technology instructor at a local college.

Nick and Devin, who were 31 and 24, respectively, at the time of their marriage, listed their address as being in Searcy, Arkansas. We don’t know if they still reside there, but Nick’s LinkedIn profile does say so. Congratulations, Nick and Devin!! For more 90 Day Fiance news

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