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90 Day Fiance: New Star Shekinah Garner Fell For A Turkish Guy Due To His Makeup Skills! [Storyline Details]

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 5 introduced another too-good-to-be-true couple, Shekinah and Sarper. They were brought together via a dating app that soon transformed into their first date together. The couple have been in a long-distance relationship for over five months. Los Angeles-based beauty Shekinah is now determined to leave her completely functional life and relocate to Turkey to be around her beau after spending merely a week together in person. Read further to know what caused Shekinah to make such a big decision in her life. Was it an irrational decision?

90 Day Fiance: Shekinah Plans On Moving To Istanbul To Pursue Her Romantic Relationship!

Shekinah Garner, an aesthetician from Los Angeles, was recently introduced to the 90 Day Fiance franc hise beside her Turkish beau, Sarper. The speak peek of Monday’s episode featured her packing her life in bags to relocate to Istanbul to be with her love, Sarper. However, they have been in a long-distance relationship for quite some time but have had a couple of cherished dates. The couple crossed each other’s path when Garner went on a trip to Turkey with her girlfriend last year.


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She had downloaded a dating app to look at a hew Turkish guy. Shekinah saw a model and fitness trainer on the app, who soon met her in person for their first date. The successful aesthetician was taken aback after she observed that the Turkish dude made some extra effort for their first meeting. Talking about their first meeting, Shekinah joked that he had her at highlighter. She observed the shimmer at the bridge of Sarper’s nose and found it cute.

90 Day Fiance

Now, the American beauty is packing her life to move to Istanbul a couple of months after their first meeting. Shekinah she traveled to Istanbul to spend an invigorating week with her lover. In the sneak peek, she describes her partner as sweet, thoughtful, caring, and everything she wanted in her partner. She even believed her attraction and connection with her Turkish beau was so strong and real that she was determined to leave her career and friends behind and move to be with him.

90 Day Fiance: Shekinah’s BFF Dan Confronted His Romantic Feelings!

In Monday’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way episode, Shekinah faced the first challenge in her romantic relationship with Sarper. Right before her romantic move, she planned an intimate get-together with her four best friends, Dan, Josh, Shawna, and Wendy. Dan took the opportunity to confess his romantic inclination towards the 90 Day Fiance celeb. He started by taking her away from the group to the living room. Followed by sharing that they had been through thick and thin together in the last seven years. Dan continued that all he wanted for her was sheer happiness. But he desired to convey his love for Shekinah and that he desired to be in a relationship with her.

90 Day Fiance

The LA star continued describing their bond as an emotional connection that cannot be found daily. The next scene featured Shekinah talking to the cameras that Dan is a ‘perfect catch.’ But she declined his proposal, stating that they had tried it earlier and it did not work for her. She continued with her intention to give her five-month-old relationship with Sarper a real shot. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest 90 Day Fiance tea!

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