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90 Day Fiance: Michael Is In America! Finally Settling Down With Angela?

Popular 90 Day Fiance couple Michael and Angela have made a significant impact on the audience. Their journey has been very turbulent, yet they are together. Since they married one another and COVID-19 struck the world, they had been in a long-distance marriage, with Angela frequently visiting her husband in Nigeria.

Well, it looks like that has changed. After being in a long-distance marriage for years. There has been a buzz that Michael has finally set foot in America. So, is he finally ready to start his happily ever after in his wife, Angela’s native land?

90 Day Fiance: Michael Is In The US! Spotted In Georgia With Angela?

90 Day Fiance has shown many turbulent couples. One of them has been Michael and Angela. Their relationship began when the former texted the latter on Facebook with a good morning text. Soon, they decided to meet in person and also tied the knot when Angela was in Nigeria to meet him. Since then, they had to face a lot of problems.

Angela had angrily ripped apart Michael’s car once, and the latter also cheated on his wife. But after their debut on The Last Resort spin-off, things between them improved. The couple had applied for a K1 visa as soon as they got engaged in Nigeria, but Angela had been waiting for years to get the paperwork through.

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Now, it looks like Michael and Angela finally found light at the end of the tunnel. An account on Twitter dedicated to 90 Day Fiance updates revealed that a fan spotted Angela in Georgia. While they posed for a picture, they found Michael was also with her. But he was waiting in the parking lot. The couple even got engaged again, and Angela showed the fan her ring.

They even asked Angela if Michael was going to be in America “for good now?” The celebrity happily replied with a yes. As per the schedule revealed by TLC, Happily Ever After Season 8 will soon premiere on TV in a couple of months. Chances are that the couple might star in the upcoming spin-off together but it is too soon to be confirming anything as of now.

90 Day Fiance: Angela & Michael Spotted Together In New Video!

While there is an update about Michael being in America, a while ago Angela was also in Nigeria! She mentioned how she had to fly down to her partner’s country in order to be with him. Since their meeting in 2018, they have applied for the K1 visa and spent a fortune on taxes and paperwork. Alas, it took them years to get everything approved.

90 Day Fiance

Earlier in December, Angela made quite a few TikTok videos and even filmed a live session with Michael. 90 Day Fiance fans understood that she is in Nigeria. That’s because her husband’s home was visible in the background. Everyone was happy to see the couple spend time together since their reconciliation in The Last Resort spin-off.

Do you think Angela and Michael’s adventures in Nigeria, as well as the US, will become part of the upcoming seasons of 90 Day Fiance? Let us know in the comments below

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