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90 Day Fiance: Michael Ilesanmi Soft Launched His New Girlfriend Amid Angela’s Drama?

90 Day Fiance star Michael is no longer in the hands of Angela Deem. He is a free bird who is living his life. The celeb believed that running away from his wife would be the best thing for him. Hence, the Nigerian native is now doing everything that he ever wanted in life.

But now it seems that Michael has someone new in his life. He recently did a soft launch of his new girlfriend, and viewers weren’t able to take their eyes off her. Who is his beau? Did Michael really replace Angela? What would be her reaction to this shocking news?

90 Day Fiance: Did Michael Replace Angela? Who Is His New Girlfriend?

Michael Ilesanmi is dropping bombshells on his viewers every day. He initially surprised everyone by having the courage to run away from Angela Deem. The 90 Day Fiance celeb went missing and never returned to the latter. Ilesanmi even asked the police not to reveal details regarding his location to his wife as he feared for his life.

Amid all this, Michael has already returned to social media and made accounts on different platforms. He got verified on Instagram within a few hours and has been posting a lot on it. The celeb recently shared a carousel of pictures, which raised many eyebrows. Ilesanmi first posted a selfie, wearing a blue floral print and grinning at the camera.

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But the next slide stole all the attention. Michael’s Instagram featured a woman’s hand holding a pink flower. Her flower became the “o” of the word “hope.” Viewers were quick to note that those weren’t Angela’s hands, as they were way more youthful and didn’t have cigarette stains on them. Fans are considering this to be a soft launch and are eagerly waiting for Michael to introduce his new girlfriend.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Is Teasing His Comeback On Single Life Season 5?

Every activity of Michael has started to convince viewers that he would soon make a comeback on 90 Day Fiance: Single Life. Apparently, Season 5 will soon be hitting the screens, and fans will feel that Ilesanmi will be joining it. These speculations started to surface on the internet after some reports confirmed that he was still hiding from Angela in America. It further revealed that he was allegedly living with an anonymous woman.


Viewers initially weren’t able to believe this. But Michael’s recent post that featured a woman’s hand made it clear that something was surely going on. Hence, fans are now convinced that the celeb wasn’t giving up on his reality TV fame merely because of Deem. Moreover, the majority of the audience is vouching to see Michael in Season 5, so the network won’t miss a chance to bring him back.

Michael’s storyline with his new girlfriend can be featured on the show. He will get a platform to tell his tale, and viewers will be able to witness his real personality for the first time ever.

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