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90 Day Fiancé: Michael Ilesanmi Doesn’t Really Love Angela Deem (Will She End Up All Alone?)

90 Day Fiancé icon Angela Deem's still with Michael Ilesanmi, but that doesn't mean that he's her forever match. Their marriage could fall apart.

  • Angela Deem’s unique personality, which makes her magnetic, has led to trouble in her love life.
  •  Angela’s relationship with Michael Ilesanmi is doomed because he’s a cheater.
  •  If she was single, Angela might be a happier woman.

90 Day Fiancé diva Angela Deem’s relationship with Michael Ilesanmi is doomed, even though they worked things out on 90 Day: The Last Resort, and she may never find “forever” love. There are some good reasons why romantic happiness could elude the feisty Sagittarius. Angela’s one of a kind, but what makes her magnetic also makes her intimidating.

On the one hand, 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1’s signature hothead loses it like nobody’s business. On the other hand, she’s there for children and grandchildren and was employed as a hospice nurse. The polarities in Angela’s personality make her unique, interesting and deeply problematic. While she obviously behaves horribly on a regular basis, she’s still extremely popular. “Teflon Angela” always escapes repercussions. She wasn’t canceled when she got in a physical fight with a “pal” in a hotel. Way back when, she got away with attacking her husband Michael’s car.

Angela’s lucky with her career, but when it comes to her love life, her luck may run out.

Angela Deem Has A Type

Michael Ilesanmi Will Break Angela Deem’s Heart

Michael Ilesanmi is Angela’s type. He’s young, he’s attractive and he’s Black. She also flirted with Dr. Michael Obeng, who has a lot more education and finesse. Nonetheless, he fits her physical type. The problem with Michael is that he doesn’t have the maturity that one would expect from a surgeon like Dr. Obeng. He doesn’t have a solid career. Michael’s successful because of Angela. This makes him more of a hanger-on than a true love interest. Michael’s on the make – Angela sees it sometimes but pushes that knowledge away. That awareness that she denies will eventually surface in a way that she can’t ignore. Then, their marriage will end.

Michael Ilesanmi Cheated On Angela

Can Michael Ilesanmi Really Change?’

Michael is a known cheater, and women who stay with these kinds of men go through so much emotional turmoil. Many males of this type are great at pretending to evolve, but sometimes, they don’t mean what they say. In other scenarios, they may want to change, but be tempted to stray. When faced with romantic opportunities, they get weak. Angela keeps forgiving Michael, but she stores up rage and it does come out now and then. When she clashes with female pals like Jojo and the woman she brawled with in a hotel elevator, is she really just releasing the pressure of being with an unfaithful man? It’s quite possible.

Alone, Angela could learn about herself and develop her skills. Age doesn’t have to hinder her. She’s got plenty of energy, as anyone who’s seen her on TV knows. She is a vibrant woman who doesn’t have to settle for something that’s ultimately a sham relationship. However, she seems to feel like being single is a death sentence. It’s not. For a woman like Angela, it might even be a relief. Away from the fakery of players and their games, Angela could find her center.

She told a 90 Day: The Last Resort therapist that she has a hard time putting her emotions into words. Maybe that’s because they’re too painful to express. Is Michael a safe person for her? He’s hurt her badly so many times. She’s also been awful to him, veering into violence, but it has to be said that jealousy’s her trigger. As a single woman, even if she’s alone forever, she doesn’t have to live with that gnawing pain.

How people feel about themselves dictates how they perceive being single or taken. Either situation can be good or bad. While Angela might be too much for some men, and never find real love if her marriage ends, isn’t there a chance that she’d be happier without it? She may not even realize how much strength and energy she wastes on a man who’s not quite right for her. Yes, 90 Day Fiancé‘s Angela could be alone forever following a divorce from Michael. However, not having a partner doesn’t mean having a miserable life.

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