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90 Day Fiance: Mary Makes A Shocking Confession About Her Second Baby!

90 Day Fiance star Mary and Brandan are known for their super toxic relationship. Their childish behavior and issues gathered attention, and viewers were sure that they would be better off without each other. However, everyone was in shock when they saw this couple walking down the aisle.

Mary and Brandan again made it to the headlines with their first pregnancy, followed by the second one. Amid all this, the former recently ended up making a huge confession regarding her second child as she denied the news completely! What is Mary up to now? Is she lying to her viewers?

90 Day Fiance: Mary Denies That She’s A Second Child!

Fans were surprised to know that Mary and Brandan had planned two kids back-to-back. They believed that this 90 Day Fiance couple was neither financially nor mentally ready to raise kids. Apparently, the second kid was a shock for the entire fan base, but it seems that Mary isn’t ready to accept this.

Recently, a curious viewer asked in the Q&A session that Mary conducted on Instagram about how she would be able to afford two kids in a row! The latter was quick to claim, “It’s my first baby lol.” Fans were left in disbelief as there have been several instances when they saw hints regarding her second pregnancy.

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As per many reports, Brandan and Mary have already welcomed their first child and are hiding it because of the NDA. Amid all this, rumors regarding the 90 Day Fiance couple’s second child rose from a live session back in August.

Mary and Brandan were in the Philippines while the former was preparing a protein shake for her partner. Soon, fans heard the sound of a baby’s cry in the background while Mary was quick to mute the session. Moreover, some keen viewers felt that she was trying her best to hide her baby bump during the entire session.

90 Day Fiance: Mary & Brandan Are Facing Marital Issues Now?

90 Day Fiance star Mary now seems to be repenting in leisure after she married in haste. They are already having kids, but it is evident that they aren’t even sure about their future right now. Recently, the noted couple made it to the headlines when Mary cried her heart out. She revealed some shocking information about Brandan to her fans.

Mary revealed that her husband ended up pushing her during a recent argument. She further accused Bradon of shouting at her and breaking things in anger. The latter also replied to these accusations in the background. However, it wasn’t clear if he knew about Mary filming the entire thing.

Moreover, Mary and Brandan also reportedly deleted all their pictures together, along with the baby announcement post from social media. So, it is evident that these two are surely facing some serious martial issues these days.

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