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90 Day Fiance: Manuel Secretly Planning To Leave? Ashley Is Doubtful

90 Day Fiance launched its new season on October 8, 2023. With four episodes having been aired already, all the couples seem to be deep in the trenches of their relationship. And with every new episode, new problems and developments have been surfacing for each couple.

Ashley and Manuel met in Eucador, got into a relationship, broke up, and then got back together again. In this season, they are all set to give their relationship a second try. Manuel has moved to the US on a K-1 visa and is staying with Ashley. They have faced their ups and downs, but a recent act by his family has made her doubt his intentions of coming to the US.

90 Day Fiance: Manuel’s Urgent Need For Privacy & His Family’s Repetitive Calls Are Distressing Ashley

Ecuadorian 90 Day Fiance star Manuel has moved from his native country to the US to be with Ashley and get married to her. However, since they have started living together, he has expressed his discomfort about certain living situations like pets in bed, living with pets, etc. He disagrees with Ashley being a witch. All this hasn’t disturbed Ashley much, but his latest demand is what really concerns her.

Since moving to the US, Manuel discovered that his phone doesn’t allow international calling. In order to have access to the outside world and contact with his family, he requires a new phone network/sim. So, Ashley is making arrangements for that. Although the amount of time it will take for the new sim to be delivered is two days, a surprisingly short duration, for Manuel, it is too long.

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Manuel’s fiance and 90 Day Fiance co-star gave him the solution. She asked him to use her phone and devices for the duration of those two days. But he refused, saying he needed his privacy. Manuel’s family members have been calling Ashley’s phone “so aggressively.” He said that they would continue to do so unless she answered it. The catch is he doesn’t want her talking with his family.

90 Day Fiance

The 90 Day Fiance thought that this was weird, but it turns out that was just the beginning. The Ecuadorian native did not want to talk on Ashley’s phone with his family. He also didn’t want Ashley to be present when he talked with his family over the phone. Both these conditions by Manuel led to an argument between him and Ashley, and he still believed that Ashley was getting unreasonably angry with him.

When the 90 Day Fiance ‘witch’ told her sister about this argument, he sister noted that they both have a “fiery” temperament. She also said that she knows Ashley blew up faster at Manuel than was justifiable. Ashley, on her part, understands this. However, she is having doubts about her relationship with Manuel.

Manuel’s cousin Mercy told Ashley that Manuel’s mother had given her phone number to the family, even the extended ones living in New York and New Jersey. It is these relatives who were concerned about Manuel and were calling on the phone. However, Manuel’s increased secrecy and need for privacy have Ashley concerned.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Fears Manuel Has “Other Plans Than Being With Her” In The US

The 90 Day Fiance pair Manuel and Ashley have had various arguments with each other. But they are still going strong. Their recent argument, however, has Ashley doubting Manuel’s intentions about coming to the US.

Ashley had offered Manuel her own phone and other devices to keep in touch with his family while his new phone arrived in two days’ time. But for Manuel, that is too long, and using her phone is not something he is keen about. The two have had an argument over it because Manuel’s family keeps calling Ashley’s phone, and he refuses to let her talk to them. On top of that, he doesn’t want Ashley’s presence when he talks to his family.

Ashley discussed this with her sister, and they both expressed how they felt that Manuel might be using her to be with his family. This doubt arose because Ashley mentioned how none of Manuel’s New York and New Jersey family members tried to connect when the couple was in Ecuador. But they are now suddenly enthusiastic when Manuel is in the US.

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