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90 Day Fiance: Luke Upsets Madelein For Demanding A Prenup!

90 Day Fiance viewers are witnessing the new drama in the Love in Paradise spinoff. The show is currently in its fourth season, and the audience is already loving the new controversies. TLC invited four new couples to the franchise with fascinating storylines. So far, fans enjoy the back-to-back controversies and drama the couples bring to the show. Luke and Madelein have already become the most controversial couple in the franchise.

Their massive age difference initially raised many eyebrows and started a whole new online discussion. Madelein is a 19-year-old girl, while her partner is in his 30s. They have known each other for over a year and a half. Luke bought an apartment for his lady love and favored her lifestyle in many ways. Now, he wants a prenup from Madelein to secure his money.

90 Day Fiance: Luke Berry Admits He Wants A Prenup From Madelein!

Luke Berry and Madelein Perez are among the newest additions to the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Madelein has been completely dependent on her American partner. The latter has been funding his girlfriend’s extravagant lifestyle. Now, it seems that he is scared about his finances and wants a prenup. The American star demanded that his fiance sign a prenuptial agreement to gain control over his life.

In the clip, Luke was hanging out with his friend to discuss his financial condition and his relationship with Madelein. He was listening carefully while his friend suggested that he quickly needed a bulletproof prenup to protect his assets. The TLC star told the cameras that he still has a lot to lose despite his financial problems.

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90 Day Fiance

Later, he sat with Madelein and her family as they were making some big plans for the wedding. But the American native had made it clear that he had no money for their lavish ceremony. Still, the Columbian native wasn’t ready to understand her partner’s issues. Finally, Luke decides to talk to his partner about the prenup after he becomes frustrated with her manipulation tactics.

He told Madelein that he wanted a prenup. However, she quickly turned the tables to manipulate her partner and asked him if he didn’t trust her. She stormed out of the room after Luke told her that his friend Brian also thinks the same. She said, “If I want to be with someone for money, obviously don’t gonna to be him.”

90 Day Fiance: What We Can Expect In New Episode Of Love In Paradise

90 Day Fiance fans have been witnessing all the drama in the latest episode of Love in Paradise. The couples are at the most crucial stage of their romance in the latest episodes. Recently, Access Hollywood shared the latest teaser of the upcoming episode. In the clip, Alex and Madelein butted heads about the prenup. Meanwhile, Alliya got emotional after she finally said goodbye to ‘Douglas’ and embraced feminism.

90 Day Fiance

Shawn celebrated his partner’s new beginning and understood that he had to see the soul of the person and not their gender. Moreover, Alex was worried if her relationship with Adriano would work despite their different religious beliefs. She said, “Maybe he is not that guy for me” after he failed to fit into the plans she made.

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