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90 Day Fiance: Loren Refuses To Stop Sharing About Israel’s Turmoil Even After Major Backlash!

Israel and Palestine’s ongoing war has been affecting people all over the world. There are several devastating and horrific videos that have been surfacing on the internet these days. Hence, many 90 Day Fiance stars like Yara Zaya and Loren Brovarnik have also opened up about the crises and cried their heart out on social media.

However, it seems that the latter has been really overwhelmed because of the same. She even made it clear that she won’t be stopping to share content regarding Israel’s turmoil even after receiving backlash for “oversharing.”

90 Day Fiance: Loren Says She Won’t Stop Sharing Israel’s War Content!

90 Day Fiance star Loren has a special place for Israel in her heart. She met Alexei there and has shared some of the most memorable moments in her husband’s homeland. The celeb even celebrated her second wedding there. Not only this, but there was a time when the noted couple was actually considering moving permanently to Israel with Alexei’s family.

Hence, after watching all the devastating clips and pictures from the ongoing war, they seemed to be really disturbed. Meanwhile, Loren was continuously sharing a lot of content regarding the same on social media.

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Recently, Loren from 90 Day Fiance took to Instagram and revealed that she is getting many messages from her fans. They have been asking her to stop oversharing content regarding Israel. But she was firm on her ideology and stated, “I’ll continue to share! I stand with Israel.”

Brovarnik even shared a selfie with teary eyes. She supported everyone who has been dealing with the pain of watching innocent people die! Loren even shared a link from which people could donate things to soldiers of Israel who are trying their best to save the country!

After all this, Loren admitted that all the Jews around the world are feeling unsafe now. She made it clear that she is proud and won’t even turn off her comments because she firmly stands with Israel. Hence, no one can stop the celeb from posting content regarding the war, as she is hurting because of the inhuman activities that are taking place in Alexei’s homeland!

90 Day Fiance: Is Alexei’s Family Safe? Are They Fine?

90 Day Fiance fans were concerned about Alexei’s family as they still live in Israel. Lately, several reports have claimed that many civilians have lost their lives because of the Hammas group’s bombardment.

Hence, this made the viewers wonder if the celeb’s parents and siblings were safe or not. Recently, Alexei took to Instagram and shared a major update regarding the same. Fans took a sigh of relief when he revealed that his immediate family in Israel were fortunately safe.

However, Alexei believes that all of Israel’s natives are a part of his extended family. Hence, he explained all of them aren’t safe at all. The celeb was firm and stated that no “human” can ever justify this inhuman act of violence in mankind.

Alexei further talked about how innocent people were losing their lives and how the entire country was affected because of the same. However, he was sure that his homeland would soon defeat darkness and would prevail over it!

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