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90 Day Fiance: Liz & Big Ed’s Life Has Turned Around After ‘The Last Resort’ — Here’s What Happened

90 Day Fiance stars Ed Brown and Liz Woods have never been viewed as a forever couple. They never were two peas in a pod and ended up parting ways for 11 times straight. They have insulted and demeaned each other on national television for uncountable instances.

So, fans were sure that they would soon break up again. However, it was a surprise for everyone when Big Ed and Liz emerged as a strong pair who were trying their best to stay with each other. Recently, they finally revealed the ‘best thing’ that they did to save their relationship. What is it?

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed & Liz Woods Disclose The Changes They Adopted After The Last Resort

Big Ed and Liz Woods had some of the ugliest fights in the history of the reality TV realm. They used to end their relationship even when they faced the slightest inconvenience. Hence, the majority of the 90 Day Fiance viewers predicted that this couple wouldn’t be able to grow old together.

Hence, it felt as if they would soon part ways on a permanent basis. But the dynamics have completely changed after Liz and Ed received therapy on The Last Resort. They dealt with their trust, jealousy, anger, and intimacy issues and now have been growing stronger day by day.

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Recently, Ed and Liz had a chatty conversation with TheMessenger and revealed that they have been continuing with “couples therapy” even after The Last Resort. They admitted that it was the “best thing” they would have done for their relationship.

Liz confessed that this time, it was a “fresh start” because they had always consulted Ed’s therapists earlier. Hence, she felt that earlier, “it wasn’t a fair level,” and it was all “one-sided.”

Woods further appreciated her partner, Big Ed, for taking out extra time with the experts and sorting his issues. She explained that this has really improved their relationship, and things are much more stable now.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed’s Relationship With Everyone Is Improving Now

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort is still airing and is creating controversies. Fans initially saw Big Ed taking his therapy sessions for granted and even cheating on them. But it seems that later, he perhaps realized the importance of it and has been utilizing it as well.

Recently, the celeb admitted that his relationships are getting better now. As per Ed, his bond with Liz isn’t the only one that has improved. He revealed that now things are falling into place with his mother as well.

The noted star has finally reconciled with his mom, Norma. Fans were proud of Big Ed when he revealed that he is now trying his best to mend fences with his daughter as well. He explained that, for now, his relationship with Tiffany is “still on hold.”

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The celeb from 90 Day Fiance, Big Ed, added that he has been reaching out to her. Moreover, Ed has been getting messages “every once in a while” as well. However, it’s a “still relationship.” But the patriarch seemed determined when he stated, “I’m working on. I’m never gonna give up.”

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