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90 Day Fiance: Kim Menzies Shows Off Her Brand New Hair Makeover

90 Day Fiance star Kimberly Menzies has ended up becoming a complete fashionista these days. She is embracing her single life and has been exploring new trends and styles. Initially, the celeb used to be a bit hesitant in experimenting with her look. But after parting ways with Usman, fans witnessed a 2.0 version of Kim!

Recently, Kim surprised her viewers when she decided to go for a complete hair transformation. She recently flaunted her brand-new hair, which made her look like a completely different person! What did the celeb do to her hair? What is she up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Flaunts Her New Hair Makeover

Kim Menzies has been embracing her individuality by expressing herself via her style. She has leveled up her dressing game and has been showing off her new self these days. Recently, the 90 Day Fiance star again decided to play with colors and experimented with her hair.

Initially, viewers were skeptical about her hair color decision. But it seems that Kim’s recent hair makeover has actually worked for her as she has started to look way younger. Recently, the celeb took to her social media handle and posted a complete transformation reel.

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Kim’s new post initially featured her sitting in a salon chair with her dull and lifeless hair. It further documented the entire process while, in the end, she flaunted her silky smooth hair. The 90 Day Fiance celeb decided to go for blonde and brown highlights with a slightly darker shade towards her scalp.

Kim added to the caption, “The hair maintenance continues!” and thanked her stylist for keeping her hair “maintained and healthy.” She seemed to be really happy with the results, while fans also loved her transformation. A user wrote, “This color looks great and you look amazing!!!!!.” Another one complimented, “Your hair looks great.”

90 Day Fiance: Kim Menzies Has Stepped Into A Happier Phase Of Her Life!

Kim Menzies has finally chucked off all the drama and issues that came with her toxic relationship. She parted ways with Usman and even blocked him after he lied to her about his girlfriend, Kiera. Hence, the 90 Day Fiance celeb is no longer in contact with her estranged partner, which perhaps is the best for her.

After all this, fans are currently enjoying Kim’s appearance on the Pillow Talk segment with her son, Jamal. Not only this, but she has now decided to make a comeback in the dating realm as well. Recently, during a Q&A session, the celeb revealed that she is open to dating now.


As per Kim, her DMs are open, and people can approach her as well. While she already sparked dating rumors with another cast member, Riley, because of her flirty conversation, she even shared her “requirement” list for her partner. The celeb made it clear that her beau should be 43 or above and that he shouldn’t want children at all.

Kim is also looking forward to exploring new places. Hence, she wants a person who loves traveling and is financially stable as well. So, it is evident that Menzies is now ready to enter into a completely new and happier phase of her life while fans are loving this new and brighter version of hers.

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