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90 Day Fiance: Kim Lashes Out At Usman’s Exes For Lies

90 Day Fiance star Kim Menzies has been living her life on her terms these days. She often travels and explores new places while happiness and peace are evident on her face. The celeb currently is focusing on her Pillow Talk appearance with her son, Jamal. Amid all this, Kim ended up getting bothered because of Usman’s ex-girlfriends, who were allegedly trying to play with her reputation.!

Kim tried her best to avoid Usman and his exes. But she couldn’t control her nerves for a long time and ended up lashing out at all of Sojaboy’s estranged partners! Not only this, but the celeb ended up making some shocking revelations as well!

90 Day Fiance: Kim Slams All Usman’s Exes For Lying About Her! What Did They Do?

Kim Menzies had a chaotic relationship with Usman on 90 Day Fiance. They tried their best to make their love last but ended up failing. However, even after the celeb’s breakup, she claimed that her ex was her best friend and he understood her like nobody.

But now it seems that Kim also has had enough of Usman. Recently, she took to her live session and revealed how her estranged partner and his beaus had been lying to her!

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Recently, a 90 Day Fiance fan page named mac.and.chisme reshared the clip of Kim’s live session. In it, she was lashing out at Usman and his exes. Kimberly revealed that Usman told his ex Kiera Ogden that she was just a  “co-star on the show”  while they have dated around for their years consecutively.

The celeb further added that Sojaboy even said to her that Kiera was just a “friend” of his. Menzies confessed that she never bad-mouthed about Usman ever but, “The person who’s at fault for this is Usman, not me.”

Kimberly also claimed that she had read all the chats and even had “screenshots” of them on her phone. Though she never likes to talk about such things publicly, she stated that he has had “enough” now!

90 Day Fiance: Kim Reveals How Lisa Hamme Has Stalked Her For Almost Three Years

90 Day Fiance star Kim Menzies has lost her calm now and is slamming everyone who has been lying about her. She recently did a live session and ranted about how Usman and his estranged partners were lying about her.

Amid all this, the celeb revealed that Sojaboy’s ex-wife, Lisa, has “stalked” life for “three years.” Kim claimed that Hamme allegedly searched for her “family” and ended up messaging her sister just a year before she passed away.

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Kim claimed that she was allegedly a victim of “hate and bullying” for almost three years. She confessed that Usman’s exes have been trash-talking about her and made fun of her as well. The celeb never wondered how all these things would ever heal either of them.

Kimberly made it clear that her relationship with Usman was real as she really loved him. However, she ended up blocking him before he went to the UK because they had a fight. Menzies even stated that she had blocked Lisa as well because of her behavior towards her.

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