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90 Day Fiance: Kelly Brown’s Arrest Warrant Dismissed After Alleged Physical Altercation With Olivia Hopkins

90 Day Fiance stars Kelly and Molly have finally parted ways forever. They tried their best to make things work on The Last Resort. But their issues were way more than anyone expected. Hence, during a recent episode, Hopkins admitted that she ran out of love while Kelly ended up leaving the resort.

Amid all this, viewers were shocked to know that the latter’s arrest warrant was finally dismissed after he allegedly had a physical altercation with Molly’s daughter, Olivia! What is it all about? Is Kelly proven to be innocent in this case?

90 Day Fiance: Kelly Brown’s Arrest Warrant Is Finally Dismissed! But Why?

Kelly and Molly from 90 Day Fiance were one of the most wholesome couples in the reality TV realm. But soon, their issues started to take over their love. One of the main issues was Hopkins’s allegation of a physical altercation by Kelly on her daughter Olivia.

Apparently, Molly ended up filing official charges on March 27. Soon, an arrest warrant was also issued because of the same. The list of offenses included simple battery/physical harm, terroristic threats/acts, battery, and harassing communications.

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Amid all this, the source ended up obtaining the actual report as well. It mentioned how Kelly held Olivia by her neck, and she wasn’t even able to breathe. The latter even claimed that her mother’s boyfriend slammed her against the wall and threw her on the ground as well!

As per the Cobb County Police Department, the filed report on February 2 said that this alleged physical altercation between Oliva and Molly took place at the latter’s workplace. Just after this, Kelly ended up missing his court date.

Soon, the authorities had to issue an arrest warrant against Kelly. Recently, Intouch revealed that Kelly has finally rectified the arrest warrant. He did the same by paying his bond! This was the main reason for the dismissal of his warrant!

90 Day Fiance: Kelly Accuses Molly Of Using Him For A Mere Storyline!

90 Day Fiance stars Kelly and Molly have finally parted ways. They made it clear that there was no room for reconciliation even after attending several therapy sessions. Amid their appearance, viewers saw the kind of treatment that Hopkins gave to her partner.

Several fans even called her out for the same. However, after all this, recently, Kelly took to Instagram and posted a clip in which he sat in front of a green screen. Feelin’ It song by JAY-Z featuring Mecca played in the background.

Several 90 Day Fiance fans took to the comment section and supported Kelly as well. A user referred to the same when Kelly was leaving the resort and claimed that Molly’s facial expressed that there was a chance of one last try. The celeb was quick to reply and reveal, “no the hell she wasn’t. It was all camera opportunity.” Kelly further added, “Why [can’t] people see she used me for a storyline.”

Another user wondered why the couple couldn’t make their relationship work, to which Kelly also replied. He wrote, “I don’t deal with cheaters and liars.” Hence, it is evident that these exes aren’t even civil to each other!

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