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90 Day Fiancé: Kelly Brown’s Arrest Warrant Dismissed After Alleged Olivia Hopkins Altercation

Kelly Brown is in the clear after 90 Day Fiancé star Molly Hopkins’ daughter Olivia claimed he choked her in her mom’s LiviRae Lingerie store.

A warrant that had surfaced for the arrest of 90 Day: The Last Resort star Kelly Brown has now been dismissed. Kelly, a 43-year-old man from New York, was first seen in his reality TV show debut during 90 Day: The Single Life season 1. He had met longtime franchise cast member Molly Hopkins on social media after sending her a DM. When sparks flew, Molly and Kelly began dating, and their love for each other only grew strong in their next 90 Day Diaries stint. But Molly and Kelly shockingly split in November 2022.

Shortly after Kelly retired from his job, he moved to Georgia to be closer to Molly. The reason behind the breakup was an alleged altercation between Kelly and Molly’s daughter Olivia Hopkins. According to InTouch, Kelly had a warrant out for his arrest, which was issued on July 3, 2023. However, the warrant was dismissed. The publication had viewed legal documents revealing that official charges were filed on March 27, 2023, before the warrant was issued. The offenses against Kelly were severe and included “battery/physical harm” and “terroristic threats/acts” among others. The alleged incident supposedly took place on November 21, 2022.

90 Day Fiancé’s Kelly Brown Doesn’t Deal With “Cheaters & Liars”

90 Day The Last Resort's Kelly with Molly in background

Kelly had missed a court date, leading to the arrest warrant being issued. It was later “rectified through a paid bond,” which is how it was eventually dismissed. The police report had Olivia claiming Kelly was angry with her because of problems with her boyfriend. Kelly and Olivia reportedly argued, and Kelly allegedly stated he was going to come at her. Olivia then asked Kelly to “come at her” when he allegedly attacked his girlfriend’s daughter. Molly and Kelly ended their two-year-long romance but went on 90 Day: The Last Resort to fix their relationship, despite the legal issues that had taken place.

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Couples therapy couldn’t help bridge the gap between them. Molly blamed Kelly for not being able to keep the promises that he had made to her. She was turned off by Kelly leaving his law enforcement career and didn’t feel supported by him. He was upset by Molly telling him she wasn’t in love with him. Kelly knew it was best for him to move on and move out of the resort when the couple agreed the relationship had run its course. Kelly recently received a message from a fan on Instagram who wanted the couple to “make it.” Kelly bluntly told them, “I don’t deal with cheaters and liars.”

Interestingly, Kelly has received support for his decision to leave the resort early. Molly has been criticized for being unappreciative of Kelly. It was unfair of Molly to have dragged Kelly to the show and give him false hope when she couldn’t get herself to say she loved him. Kelly got his heart broken on the spin-off, but hopefully he’s in a better situation going forward, wherever his future takes him.

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