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90 Day Fiance: Kalani Sneaked Out With Her Hall Pass Guy, Ditched Asuelu On “The Last Resort”

90 Day Fiance stars Kalani and Asuelu have been taking professional help on The Last Resort while they are facing their demons these days. They attended many therapy sessions with experts who tried their best to mend their fences. But it seems that the couple’s dynamics are chaotic to the extent that the damage is irreversible now. Amid all this, Kalani’s ‘hall pass’ guy has played a huge role!

But who is Kalani’s infamous ‘hall pass’ guy? Was he a part of The Last Resort show? Amid all these questions, the celeb went missing just before the commitment ceremony. This was a shock for the entire fan base, who ended up wondering if Faagata sneaked out with her new hall pass guy. What is the truth?

90 Day Fiance: Kalani Sneaked Out With Her Hall Pass Guy Just Before The Commitment Ceremony?

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata made it to the headlines in Episode 9, which was titled “Where Did You Go Last Night.” It featured how she went missing while Asuelu was panicking because he couldn’t find his wife anywhere.

Fans were in shock as everyone was desperately searching for her, but there was no clue of her. Asuelu tried to text and call her, but Kalani wasn’t responding to any of those. However, soon, the latter returned and revealed something shocking.

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Kalani revealed that she went for “breakfast.” But she decided not to state with whom she went. This was an eye-brow raiser as fans sensed that something was surely cooking now. The celeb later admitted to her gal pals that she ended up meeting her “hall pass” guy.

Fagaata explained that her new beau was missing her a lot. So, Asuelu decided to travel all the way to Florida just to meet her. This was a shock for her fellow cast mates as Kalani actually spent a night with her hall pass guy just two days ahead of the commitment ceremony.

Not only this, but she also seemed to be really skeptical about whether she was ready for the commitment ceremony or not. Kalani admitted in front of Angela and Liz that if Asuelu found out what she had been up to, he would end up flipping out. Liz even questioned Faagata if she would actually be attending the ceremony or not!

90 Day Fiance: Who Is Kalani’s Hall Pass Guy? How Did She Meet Him?

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagtaa talked about the chaotic dynamics of Asuelu’s cheating instances. She revealed that the latter ended up giving her a ‘hall pass’ when she caught him red-handed. Hence, the celeb also didn’t leave the opportunity and ended up sleeping with a stranger.

Kalani explained that her husband was sure that she wouldn’t use this hall pass. But she was determined to let Asuelu have the taste of his own medicine. However, the hall pass option ended up complicating the dynamics more rather than sorting them out.

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Well, Kalani has admitted that now she has an emotional bond with her new beau named Dallas Nuez. He is working as a security guard. He is also licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. For now, Kalani hasn’t revealed how she ended up meeting her hall pass guy.

Some reports have claimed that their relationship is growing really strong these days. As per the sources, Kalani and Dallas are getting ready to move in together now. The latter has also reportedly introduced the former to his family, and their relationship is growing each day.

Moreover, there have been several instances when Faagata shares some cryptic pictures with her beau and created headlines! Hence, it is evident that Dallas’s entry has changed the entire dynamics of Kalani and Asuelu’s marriage.

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