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90 Day Fiance: Kalani & Dallas Won’t Work Out? Here’s Why

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata decided to go for Dallas and left Asuelu Pulaa on The Last Resort. The latter did everything under the sun to get his wife’s love back. But it seemed that the dynamics were already out of his hands, and he couldn’t mend fences with Kalani.

Lately, Kalani has been flaunting her new guy and seems to be really happy with him. But it appears that fans think otherwise. Several viewers recently explained why the celeb’s new love life could end up becoming a recipe for disaster! Is Kalani and Dallas’s love a roadmap to mess?

90 Day Fiance: Will Kalani & Dallas Be Able To Last Together? Or Are They A Recipe For Disaster?

Kalani received support from her viewers when she disclosed Asuelu’s infidelity scandal. But after she ended up choosing Dallas over her husband, fans didn’t seem to be on her side. Lately, the 90 Day Fiance celeb has been receiving backlash because of her decision.

Recently, a fan page named 90dayfiancesupdate shared a picture of Dallas that Kalani had posted recently. Some viewers were quick to call out the latter in the comment section. A user explained that she used to be on Faagata’s team. But the moment Kalani went to meet Dallas during her Last Resort appearance, she lost her fans.

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Another user wrote, “She PROVED that she was no better than Asuelu, and they were on an even playing field.” Someone further added, “She should be working on herself, not jumping into another relationship.” A 90 Day Fiance fan wondered how Kalani only had the “strength” to leave her toxic marriage when she found another “guy” in her life.

Several viewers criticized Kalani for taking the “hall pass” from Asuelu. They believe that she should have simply left the latter rather than sleeping with someone else during her marriage. Moreover, some fans felt that Faagata should have first ended her relationship with Pulaa and then continued with Dallas instead of eloping and meeting him during The Last Resort.

90 Day Fiance: Kalani Never Wanted To Reconcile With Asuelu?

90 Day Fiance fans feel that Kalani made up her mind to leave Asuelu even before she appeared on The Last Resort. Some eagle-eyed users observed that she perhaps wasn’t even interested in attending the therapy and simply wanted to expose her husband on national television.

Instead of focusing on her therapy sessions, Kalani ended up unblocking Dallas and talking to him. Moreover, she even vanished from the resort and ended up meeting the latter and doing “other stuff” with him. A fan further wrote, “She’s just as much wrong as he is. Two wrongs don’t make it right.”


A user even predicted that Kalani’s relationship with Dallas wouldn’t last because she didn’t take her time to “heal.” Amid all this, reports have claimed that the couple has already moved in together. But most viewers believe that she shouldn’t take things so fast, especially when her kids are involved in the dynamics.

However, Kalani and Dallas are currently in their honeymoon phase, and everything is going great these days. But fans are wondering if this love and chemistry will last in the long term or not

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