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90 Day Fiance: Kalani & Dallas Are Hitting Milestones After Milestones

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata has been waiting eagerly to show off her ‘hall pass’ guy for a while now. So, as soon as the news was out on The Last Resort, she started posting with Dallas openly on her social media. Lately, every other post of the celeb is either dedicated to her sons or her newfound love.

Amid all this, Kalani revealed that she has achieved another milestone with Dallas. Fans were surprised because of this shocking revelation! But what is this milestone all about? What is this couple up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Kalani & Dallas Show Off Their New Milestone

Fans are in disbelief as they are witnessing Kalani and Dallas’s relationship growing at a great pace. The former 90 Day Fiance star has made up her mind to move on in her life and has evidently been having a really good time with the latter. Hence, it seems that the couple is really serious about their future, and things are falling in favor of them.

Lately, Kalani and Dallas have been achieving many milestones and aren’t hesitating to show it off on social media. Recently, Faagata shared a selfie in a Polaroid style with Dallas. In the snap, she posed close to her beau with her tongue out while Dallas made an effort to hide his face with his hands.

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Kalani added to the caption, “You are the exception,” with a red heart. Hence, Dallas was also quick to reshare her story and express his feelings for her. He wrote, “You’re my everything.” He also appreciated Kalani’s efforts and everything that she ended up doing for him. Nuez concluded, “I love you with all of my fatu.”

This wholesome confession came after Dallas and Kalani revealed that they had been together for a year. It was because of the former’s 90 Day Fiance contract she wasn’t able to share it sooner. Their closeness is evidently growing with each day, while Nuez is now even forming a bond with Faagata’s sons as well.

90 Day Fiance: Everything About Dallas & Kalani’s Relationship Explained

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort exposed the marital issues that Kalani and Asuelu have been facing for a while now. The latter ended up cheating on his wife several times. Pulaa also had some physical intimacy with a random girl during his trip to Samoa, which jeopardized his marriage.

This was the last straw of Kalani and Asuelu’s marriage. The latter gave a hall pass to the former to rectify his mistake. But it evidently became the biggest mistake of his life. This is because Faagata met Dallas and fell in love with him. Instead of having a one-time thing, they started chatting while their bond started to grow.

90 day fiance

Hence, even after attending therapy sessions in The Last Resort, Kalani wasn’t able to take Asuelu back into her life. Since then, she has been enjoying the best phase of her life with Dallas. Some sources even confirmed that she is on the verge of moving in with him, as he has already introduced her to his family.

After all this, Kalani and Dallas are acting like a wholesome family. They click family pictures together and often post expressive love-dovey captions for each other. Hence, it seems that Faagata is perhaps getting everything that she couldn’t get in her marriage with Asuelu.

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