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90 Day Fiance: Jovi Tries To Punch Big Ed During Intense Fight — Security Steps In

90 Day Fiance stars Big Ed and Jovi Dufren have never been two peas in a pod. The latter has called the former out for cheating in therapy sessions and has butted heads numerous times. However, they tried to mend fences and took a trip to a strip club together. But, it seems that these two are clearly not like-minded people and can never get along with each other.

Recently, viewers were in shock when Ed and Jovi got into a physical altercation. Things heated up to the extent that security had to step in and control the matter. But what led to this? Why were Jovi and Big Ed arguing again?

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed & Jovi Get Into A Physical Altercation! But Why?

90 Day Fiance star Big ended up creating a huge mess by making Yara Zaya angry against Jovi Dufren. He revealed that her husband was texting a stripper from Jamaica and was asking her whereabouts.

It was evident that Zaya couldn’t control her calm because of the same and ended up throwing her drink at Jovi’s face. Jovi tried to handle Yara and ended up slamming Big Ed for instigating his wife. He believed that the drama was “unnecessary.”

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However, Ed was in no mood to take any accusations and brought Jovi’s daughter into the argument. He stated, “Why don’t you tell your daughter where you were?.” This was the point where Jovi couldn’t control his fury.


Jovi made it clear that he wouldn’t tolerate anyone dragging Mylah into this chaos and stated, “Punch him in the f**king face.” Security soon had to step in the matter when he lunged at Ed with a lot of force.

On the other hand, Big Ed was instigating the fight and said, “Bring it on.” However, the 90 Day Fiance star not only caused damage to Yara’s marriage but also ended up having a huge argument with Liz Woods because of the same.

90 Day Fiance: Yara & Liz Fought With Jovi & Ed, Respectively! But Why?

Just a mere mistake of Big Ed resulted in never-ending drama on 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort. He exposed Jovi’s deeds in front of Yara, which led to a huge argument between them. Though he apologized to Zaya, she was still angry with her husband.

Yara admitted to cameras that she doesn’t even know why Jovi is obsessed with strip clubs. She wondered if she was ugly or if she wasn’t enough for her husband. Hence, it was evident that the celeb was overwhelmed, and this incident left a huge mark on their bond.

On the other hand, Ed calls out Liz for interjecting in his fight with Jovi. He said, “It made me look weak.” The celeb further explained, “It made me feel like I can’t defend myself.” Woods also lost her calm and replied, “F**k you, Ed.” Apparently, Ed was in no mood to reconcile and slammed her back.

Ed mockingly said, “There you go. Therapy’s working, babe. That’s our therapy.” So Ed’s one mistake ended up creating a rift in his bond with Liz as well.

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