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90 Day Fiance: Jovi Is Living A Shady ‘Double Life’ Despite Marriage To Yara?

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort made many shocking revelations about Jovi and Yara’s relationship. They initially seemed to be an ideal match until fans got to know about their super-long list of issues.

Hence, they have been trying their best to make their marriage work by seeking the help of professional experts and attending their sessions. But some eagle-eyed users were quick to notice that Jovi Dufren has a lot of cryptic traits in him.

Apparently, there are some shocking truths about him, because of which viewers have started to wonder if he is living a dual life in his marriage with Yara. Is this true? Does Jovi have a hidden shady life that his wife is unaware of?

90 Day Fiance: Here’s Why Fans Feel Jovi Is Living A ‘Double Life’ In His Marriage

Yara Zaya from 90 Day Fiance confessed a lot of things that she had been concealing from her husband. But it is evident that she isn’t the only one who has been hiding things in her marriage. Fans were in shock when they got to know some shocking truths about Jovi Dufren’s life.

Jovi is an underwater robotics engineer and has to stay away from his wife for months because of his job. Recently, he revealed that he was offered to work close to his family. But the celeb ended up denying the opportunity. This was an eye-brow raiser for the viewers.

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Fans have started to feel that perhaps Jovi loves staying away from his wife because he can do whatever he wants. He can continue with his single-life shenanigans without getting caught by Yara. Jovi has a habit of drinking and partying out late at strip clubs.

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance viewers also believe that Jovi is trying his best to “control his timeline” so that Yara won’t be able to trace it at all. Apparently, he ended up going to a strip club, even in The Last Resort. The noted star even asked Ed and Asuelu not to reveal this news to his wife and other girls in the villa.

So, it is evident that there is a lot that Jovi has going on in his life that he doesn’t want Yara ever to know. Moreover, he makes all the possible efforts to hide certain things from the latter in their full-fledged marriage!

90 Day Fiance: Jovi Was Texting A Stripper Without Yara’s Knowledge!

90 Day Fiance star Jovi Dufren has a strong inclination towards nightlife and strip clubs. He even ended up getting slapped by Yara because of the same. But still, the celeb evidently has an addiction to the same. Recently, viewers were surprised to know that Dufren was actually texting a stripper while he was working on his marriage with Yara.

During a recent episode, Big Ed asked Yara if she knew whom her husband was “texting” last night. Jovi’s shocked face made it clear that there was something really shady coming now. Apparently, Ed revealed that Zaya’s partner was talking to a “stripper” from Jamaica!


This noted stripper was the same person for whom Jovi once had feelings for. They even took a trip together before the latter met Yara. Zaya was devastated by this shocking revelation. She ended up throwing her drink on Dufren’s face out of anger.

These instances made viewers feel that Jovi prefers to live aloof so that he can continue with his addictions without his wife’s knowledge. So, his obsessions could be a possible reason why he didn’t accept the job offer near his family. Perhaps there is a lot that Dufren doesn’t want to bring in Yara to know.

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