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90 Day Fiance: Is Pedro Jimeno Going To Be A Father?

Pedro Jimeno was a simple guy from the Dominican Republic who fell in love with Chantel Everett. Together, their 90 Day Fiance journey was very intriguing and interesting. Fans became so interested in their journeys that TLC gave them their own spin-off, The Family Chantel. But after 5-6 years of marriage, they got a divorce.

While Chantel is exploring her single life in a show of the same name, fans have been curious about Pedro’s whereabouts. Since the last time they heard of him, the latter had been thriving in his real estate business. Now, there is one more rumor going around that he might actually become a father. This rumor began when fans saw a particular picture of his!

90 Day Fiance: Did Pedro Hint He Will Be A Dad Soon?

When the previous The Family Chantel seasons aired, viewers got to see a new side of Pedro. He had started his new real estate job. Because of this, he would rarely stay in his house. Because the couple couldn’t spend time together, his and Chantel’s marriage suffered. The latter also assumed he was having an affair with his co-workers.

Well, a new post featuring Pedro has added more fuel to this rumor. That’s because he ended up posing with a mystery woman in a group photo. The ex 90 Day Fiance star had his hand on her belly. A fan shared the screenshot of the same on Reddit. They revealed how it was quite inappropriate for Pedro to be standing like this with his colleagues.

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Because of his intimate pose, Pedro came into the limelight once again. Some began speculating if he was going to have a baby with the woman. But it was too soon to tell. It is merely a rumor, and there is no confirmation about the same. But 90 Day Fiance fans still believe there must be something cooking between Pedro and the brunette mystery woman.

90 Day Fiance: Pedro Assures Chantel He Never Cheated On Her During Their Marriage!

There was a rather intense moment while Pedro and Chantel were filming for their show, The Family Chantel. The latter made allegations about her ex for having affairs while still being married to her. The former tried to diffuse the tension by looking his former wife in the eyes and saying he never cheated on her when they were married.

Chantel was having too much of a heavy breakdown and couldn’t decide what to believe and left with her brother, River. The 90 Day Fiance star had also complained about how there was a point in her marriage where she and Pedro didn’t sleep with eachother for over a year. But she had her suspicions that he must have had his needs fulfilled by other people.

To this date, there is no confirmation if Pedro was faithful in his marriage or not. But after looking at the way he has been posing with his colleagues, fans have their suspicions that he may have lied about staying loyal. How do you feel about his new post? Tell us in the comments below.

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