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90 Day Fiance: Is Kimberly In An “Arranged Relationship” With TJ? Here’s How She Reacted To Accusations!

90 Day Fiance star Kimberly Rochelle is known for her chaotic personality. Her storyline with TJ initially seemed like a literal fairytale. But as soon as she landed in India, the dynamics started to change. The celeb evidently had issues adapting to the new culture, and she showed tantrums in doing so.

Amid all this, there have been several instances when some viewers ended up accusing her of being in an “arranged” relationship. This was a shock for Kimberly, and she finally decided to speak up regarding the same. What did she reveal? Did she defend herself?

90 Day Fiance: Kim Speaks Up Against Accusations Claiming That She Is In An ‘Arranged’ Relationship With TJ

The show 90 Day Fiance has been featuring the dramatic storyline of Kimberly and TJ. The former uprooted her American life and decided to travel all the way to India just for the sake of the latter. Apparently, it was evident that immense love was the only reason why, even after endless issues, the couple decided to walk down the aisle.

However, still, there were some viewers who accused Kimberly of being in an “arranged” relationship with TJ. The former was also surprised by these allegations and finally decided to clear it once and for all. Recently, she took her Instagram handle and shared a cryptic post.

Kimberly from 90 Day Fiance added a clip with the title, “When someone asks if I’m in an arranged or love relationship.” She jokingly stated in her post, “Obviously, I’m American. What do you think?.” The celeb even admitted in the caption that initially, she used to find it really “funny.”

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Apparently, as per Kim, there have been several instances when she has to face the question of being in a “love” or an “arranged” relationship. However, she was quick to say sarcastically that everything definitely revolved around the matter of heart, and it was a “love” bond.

90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Reveals That Some People Think She Is Indian! But Why?

90 Day Fiance star Kimberly traveled to the Asian country India just for the sake of TJ. She was born and brought up in America and is fond of Western culture. Hence, that is the reason why she was having a hard time understanding and following the Indian traditions.

The celeb felt that she was changing herself and didn’t want to do the same at any cost. Amid all this, viewers were in shock when they got to know that some fans ended up mistaking Kim for an Indian native!


90 Day Fiance

Recently, Kimberly revealed that usually, people tend to think that she is “Indian” until she “talks.” Apparently, her American accent would be the thing that makes the audience realize that she is an American by birth. However, some viewers explained that India is a land of diversity.

It has many kinds of people belonging to different religions and caste living in the country. Hence, there is a fair chance that perhaps some fans ended up believing that she was an Indian because of the same.

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