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90 Day Fiance: Is Angela Deem Facing Midlife Crisis Because Of Her Age?

Angela Deem is well known for her aggressive and chaotic personality. That is the reason why she has been a part of some of the most dramatic controversies in the history of the reality TV realm on 90 Day Fiance.

There have been numerous instances when viewers felt that the celeb crossed all the limits and acted beyond the way. However, now it seems that Angela is facing some severe midlife crises these days. Many fans even wondered that it was perhaps because of her age factor! What is Deem undergoing these days? Is she fine?

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Is Undergoing Midlife Crises Because Of Her Age?

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is one of the most candid personalities in the franchise. She doesn’t hesitate to show her real side. Hence, this is the reason why she ends up creating controversies. There have been several instances when fans watched her having physical altercations with her husband.

She crossed all the limits of abusing almost everyone around her. Recently, Deem created headlines when she had a physical fight with her bestie after an event. But viewers feel that perhaps this is all because of Angela and her midlife crises.

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90 Day Fiance

Angela Deem is already 57 and is among the aged members of the noted realm. Hence, viewers feel that she is using her chaotic personality, anger, and rage to keep herself relevant for the television. Currently, the celeb is in demand because of her tendency to gather attention and create headlines.

But the day her storyline or aura ends, fans feel that she would be of no use for the production, which would directly affect her demand and financial condition as well. Hence, there is a fair chance that Angela intentionally keeps her aggressive side on the stage to maintain her aura!

90 Day Fiance: Is Angela Deem Trying To Find Her True Self? Confused Who She Actually Is?

Angela Deem has been a part of the show for years. She has a long list of controversies under her name, and viewers are well aware of her nerves now. Apparently, the 90 Day Fiance celeb’s never-ending issues with Michael and her aggressive behavior towards him have also made it to the headlines.

There have been many examples of Deem being violent towards her partner and even smashing a strawberry cake on his face. Angela also crossed all the limits when she almost destroyed Michael’s car during her visit to Nigeria. But now it seems that she is trying to find her true self.

90 Day Fiance

During the recent episodes of The Last Resort, viewers saw a drastic change in Angela. She ended up forgiving Michael for his cheating scandal, which was a shock for everyone. The celeb herself agreed that if the same thing had taken place a few years ago, she would have been the first one to walk away.

Hence, it is evident that Deem is currently figuring out who she is and what she actually wants. But till then, Angela would perhaps continue with her funny and engaging stuff like running after Yara with a vibrator and confessing getting wet after she saw a hot performance of Michael!

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