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90 Day Fiancé: How Kelly Brown Is Rubbing His Happiness In Molly Hopkins’ Face

90 Day Fiancé cast member Kelly Brown is living his best life as a single man since his shocking split from Molly Hopkins on 90 Day: The Last Resort.

  • Kelly Brown from 90 Day: The Last Resort is happier than ever since his split from Molly Hopkins and is back to enjoying his single life.
  •  Kelly has moved back to New York and is living his best life as a single man, sharing photos of himself and receiving love from his followers.
  •  Kelly has been spending time with friends, attending events like the EXXXOTICA expo and promoting self-love to inspire others to stay positive and love themselves.

Kelly Brown from 90 Day: The Last Resort looks happier than ever since his split from Molly Hopkins and is back to enjoying his single life. Kelly is a former New York police officer who fans know from 90 Day: The Single Life season 1. Kelly and Molly began talking to each other on DMs, and they soon made plans for a future together in the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off. Molly was married to Luis Mendez from the Dominican Republic in 90DF season 5. The marriage was short-lived as Molly realized Luis was only after a Green Card and never respected her or her daughters.

Kelly, on the other hand, saw himself fitting right in Molly’s little world. He moved to Georgia after his retirement to spend more time with Molly, but that’s where the troubles began. Molly and Kelly split around Thanksgiving 2022. They were no longer together when they arrived at the Florida Keys resort to seek couple’s therapy. Molly realized she didn’t have any love left for Kelly. Because of this, they made no progress and fought a lot at the resort. Molly and Kelly left the show early. There are rumors of Molly dating a new man while Kelly is living his best life, as per his Instagram.

Kelly Is “Healthy & Happy” Without Molly & Her Drama

Kelly has moved back to New York since his split with Molly. He often shares photos of himself living his best life as a single man with his followers and gets their love in return. Instagram blogger @90daythemelanatedway recently reposted a photo of Kelly on their page. “Y’all it’s Kelly @kellykb2022 looking healthy & happy! We [love] that for him!” they wrote in their caption. Kelly appeared to be sitting in a bar when the picture was taken. “Much love!!” he wrote to the fan in the comments. Others noted how Kelly looked stress-free now that he didn’t have a “toxic person” nagging him all the time.

Kelly Has Been Spending Time With Friends

In November 2023, Kelly attended the EXXXOTICA expo in Edison, New Jersey. It is the world’s largest adult event in the U.S. dedicated to love and sex. Kelly shared a picture with influencers Boricurves and Amazon Amanda, who are now his new friends. “Thank you for taking the time and chatting with me,” Kelly wrote to the women on Instagram. He also bumped into a familiar franchise face. Kelly ran into Stephanie AKA Stepanka Matto at the expo. A fan in the comments wrote, “Molly was probably there selling her lingerie at exotica!!” However, an annoyed Kelly replied, “What? Hell no.. please do not mention that individual.

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Montage of Molly Hopkins and Kelly Bown from 90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort

Kelly has been preaching the mantra of self-love to his followers since he got his heart broken on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Kelly recently posted a “message for the day” video where he talked about wanting to inspire people to feel good “because this world is full of negativity.” He told his fans they shouldn’t be concerned about what people say. “You stay focused, stay positive, love yourself,” Kelly added. He assured them that he was learning to love himself. “I know who I am,” said Kelly. He doesn’t mind people making fun of his weight, his looks, his big lips, or his tooth gaps anymore as he has learned to value himself.

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