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90 Day Fiance: Hot Couple Riley & Kimberly Will Star In A New Season?

90 Day Fiance stars Riley and Kimberly have been making it to the headlines these days. Fans have witnessed a spark between them, and they could foresee them as a potential couple. There have been some instances when viewers noticed their chemistry, and now they are wondering if they would be appearing in another season of the franchise or not.


Is there a possibility of Riley and Kimberly appearing in a spinoff? Is their bond really genuine? Or they are simply finding a way to stay relevant for the franchise and get the TLC pay cheque again!


90 Day Fiance: Are Riley & Kimberly Preparing To Make A Comeback?

Kimberly Menzies from 90 Day Fiance is one of viewers’ favorite stars. She has appeared in several spinoffs, and the audience is used to watching her. The celeb initially debuted with her chaotic storyline with Usman Umar, which ended with a dramatic split. However, Kim made it clear that she was open to dating again and would prefer giving love another chance.

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Now, it seems that Kim has finally found her ideal match and would perhaps secure a spot in the upcoming seasons of the franchise. Recently, a Reddit thread started with the title, “Riley and Kim are a thing now, or are they just doing it for show?” Several viewers pointed out the compatibility that these two stars had and how they could end up into a great couple.

As per the thread, Riley and Kimberly fr0m 90 Day Fiance were going on a “date” now. It also revealed that both are “army veterans” and have a lot in common as well. They could have an interesting storyline as they can get along really well. Moreover, the majority of the audience feels that their bond is also genuine.

A user wrote, “I don’t think it’s for show.” Another one added, “I could actually see this working.” Someone further revealed that Kim actually showed interest in Riley even during her Pillow Talk segment as well. On the other hand, some viewers believed that these two were trying their best to stay “relevant” for the franchise. Hence, fans also feel that perhaps Riley and Kim would end up getting a spot in the upcoming spinoff!

90 Day Fiance: Fans Caught Kim & Riley Flirting Publicly!

90 Day Fiance stars Kim and Riley have ended up becoming the talk of the town these days. Recently, a Reddit thread started with a clip of the live session in which they both were spotted openly flirting with each other.

It started with the title, “Video of new potential lovebird… Riley and Kimbaaaleyyy.” Fans were in shock when they saw Riley, who couldn’t stop gushing over how “beautiful” Kim was. On the other hand, the latter was clearly blushing and was enjoying her conversation with the former.

Amid the flirtatious conversation, Kim stated that she could never date Riley just because of his hair! The latter was quick to state that he loves her the way she is and nothing matters at all. Fans were in shock as they never thought that these two could actually vibe together.

However, they feel that this couple’s storyline would surely be interesting, and the network could definitely think of having them on the show again. Would you love to watch them? Do let us know in the comments.

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