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90 Day Fiance: Here’s Citra’s Shocking Reaction After Learning Sam Cheated!

Citra and Sam finally had their happy ending and married each other. Their love story started on a language-learning app and culminated in 90 Day Fiance. As their social media indicates, Sam and Citra are happy and in love.

The Tell All episode had many revelations. But nothing compared to the audience and Citra learning that Sam had cheated on her. The audience was in shock. But Citra’s reaction was very different. The fans couldn’t understand why that was, nor could we, but Citra tried to explain.

90 Day Fiance: Citra Had A Shocking Reaction To Sam’s Cheating Incident

Like every other 90 Day Fiance pair, Sam and Citra also had their ups and downs. Sam kept his legal issues a secret from Citra, which meant Citra also lied to her father. The Tell All host, Shaun Robinson, had discussed this part in the episode as well. Sam just said that he was lazy with the whole diversion program documentation so he could go to jail.

But along with Sam’s legal troubles, the host also brought up another ‘interesting’ thing. She revealed that Sam had cheated on Citra with a rideshare customer. The host then asked Sam if he had told Citra about it, and Citra confirmed that he had. But, it turns out, he had told her an entirely different version of the incidents. Citra said Sam told her he had seen something weird in the woman’s bedroom, so he ran away.

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90 Day Fiance

The Indonesian native said that Sam told her nothing happened between him and the woman. But another castmate cleared things out, saying Sam had actually slept with the woman. The audience was in shock even though Sam said the fling meant nothing. But Citra’s reaction shocked fans more. It seemed the revelation did not faze her in the least.

Citra was calm and silent after the reveal. Her reaction raised many questions. But she reasoned that it was in the past and that she trusts Sam wholly now. After Sam’s cheating incident, the 90 Day Fiance couple has come a long way and built up trust. Citra believes there are no more secrets between them and that things are “fine.” Her reaction was calm because she trusts that Sam always puts her first now.

90 Day Fiance: Sam Slept With Someone Else While He Was Dating Citra

The Tell All host Shaun Robinson revealed that Sam had cheated on Citra! Fans had seen Sam do many jobs with multiple shifts to make enough money for Citra’s visa. It was at one such job that he cheated. He had been working as a rideshare driver. Sam told the producers he was talking with the woman while driving her to her destination.

90 Day Fiance

Sam’s customer then gave him her number. The woman was “very pretty,” so Sam couldn’t resist since “women” are his only weakness. But Sam didn’t sleep with her after the ride. The 90 Day Fiance slept with her the day after. He also said that the one-night stand was “quick” and meant nothing to him. Sam also claimed he told Citra about it.

But when the host asked Citra if he did, Citra’s reply shocked everyone. It turns out Sam told Citra he had seen “something freaky” in her bedroom, so he ran away. Sam told her Citra “he didn’t” sleep with the other woman. He just said it was an almost intimate moment that ended in nothing.

Sam was adamant he had told Citra everything, but she might have forgotten it since it was “a while” ago. A co-star concluded Citra didn’t understand the meaning of a one-night-stand and hence didn’t react

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