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90 Day Fiance: Gabe Is Moving Away From Isabel! Not Together Anymore?

Gabriel Pabon and Isabel Posada became one of the most wholesome couples from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4. In a show that is mostly full of dramatic and toxic characters, seeing them was a breath of fresh air. The former also created history for being the first transgender cast member on the show. Their journey also impressed the fans and made them aware.

In the finale, viewers also got to see Isabel and Gabriel walk down the aisle. It was a very wholesome meant for the viewers, and the couple had also revealed in the Tell All that they were living a happy married life. But Gabe surprised everyone recently by mentioning how he and Isabel are not together. Why did he say so? Have they broken up?

90 Day Fiance: Gabe Reveals He Is In The US! Why Did He Move Away From Isabel?

Gabriel and Isabel came off as a one-of-a-kind couple. Everything about their journey was unique. First of all, the former is trans, and he revealed this fact about his life to his partner at the beginning. Moreover, the latter already had two kids. So, it was important for Gabe to establish and form a good bond with them as well.

Last but not least, Isabel revealed how her parents were Christians and quite religious. So, at first, the 90 Day Fiance couple didn’t know how her parents would take it once Gabe came out to them. At last, everything turned out well. They welcomed the American man with open arms, and the couple walked down the aisle rather happily.

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But recently, Gabriel ended up shocking his Instagram followers. He made a post saying there is a video on his YouTube channel about his current relationship status with Isabel. At first, 90 Day Fiance viewers thought it might just be the couple’s breakup announcement. That’s because Gabe revealed that he was back in the United States while his wife was still in Colombia.

But, Gabe revealed that the couple is still together just geographically distant. Unfortunately, someone stole his phone and managed to get into his account and clear it off. So, in order to tackle that problem, the Florida native was in Miami. He assured that things were going well with him and Isabel, and he would eventually be returning to her.

90 Day Fiance: Isabel Celebrates Her Birthday Alone!

As Gabe revealed that he and Isabel were indeed away from each other, but their love still persists. Before his confirmation, 90 Day Fiance fans had started looking at hints to know if they were together or not. For instance, the latter ended up celebrating her 30th birthday in Colombia itself. But her post from her special day only had her.

That’s when viewers began to wonder where Gabe was and began asking her about the same. But things are clear now that the American man stated that he is in the States on a temporary basis to deal with some banking issues after a hack. So, viewers were happy that their favorite couple was still going strong.

Would you want to see more of Gabe and Isabel in the upcoming seasons of 90 Day Fiance? Let us know in the comments.

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