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90 Day Fiance: Fans Have Had Enough Of Amanda Wilhelm’s Toxic Behavior

90 Day Fiance stars Amanda and Razvan have come across several highs and lows in their relationship throughout the show. They have faced it all, from jealousy to insecurity. The reality TV couple often made it to headlines primarily for their chaotic relationship.

Fans have even been calling out Amanda for making shocking claims about her Romanian beau’s character. She is perhaps doing so to justify her behavior towards him. Read further to learn more about what the audience had to say!

90 Day Fiance: Fans Have Been Calling Out Amanda For Her Toxic Behaviour!

Amanda Wilhelm entered the reality TV realm with her partner, Razvan. She met him on TikTok merely months after her husband’s tragic death of ampullary cancer. Sometime after entering into a long-distance relationship, they traveled to Romania to test their love for each other.

However, the American beauty was criticized for quickly moving on, but she received even more criticism for not treating Razvan right. Several 90 Day Fiance fans have landed on Reddit to spill the details of Amanda’s latest TikTok live. She defended her behavior towards Razvan and other 90 Day Fiance castmates in the live.

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The Redditor shared that Amanda disclosed how her beau was on American dating apps and how she became numb to his crying, for that was all he did. During the live, she also mentioned that she joined the popular TLC show to give Razvan much-needed exposure. Apparently, this has helped him grow to nearly 13K social media followers.

Talking about Amanda, one viewer said, “We saw who she really is, a lying, manipulating attention-seeking POS that needs to grow up.” Another fan penned, “Sad for her because on the tell-all she literally said ‘I’m a b****,’ probably thinking that people would relate.”

While others called her toxic, during the season finale, Razvan and Amanda decided to stay together. But during the Tell-All, she revealed that they broke up weeks after she returned home.

However, she stated that Razvan was more interested in his personal growth than in their relationship. While he looked interested in giving their relationship a second chance as he was willing to move to America.

90 Day Fiance: Amanda Has Moved On From Razvan!

90 Day Fiance celeb Amanda Wilhelm’s controlling behavior was also showcased when she repeatedly asked her sister Amber to ‘relax.’ This came after Amber spilled about her sister’s flirtation with some other guy.

Telling more about their bond, Amber shared that Amanda had just one friend, and her beau did not want her to talk to him. She then revealed that her sister was more than just friends with her. Amanda was then quick to admit that their bond was more ‘flirtatious’ than ‘romantic.’

90 Day Fiance
TLC: Amanda Wilhelm

Razvan was already suspicious about his lady love, but she repeatedly denied it until Amber unveiled the truth. While being backstage at the Season 6 Tell-All, she confessed to having met someone, but she did not talk about it on stage because she did not want to hurt her Romanian beau.

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