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90 Day Fiance: Fans Feel Big Ed Is Broke, Doing Anything & Everything To Earn!

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed has been one of the most popular celebs in the reality TV realm. His storyline with Liz Woods gathered significant attention from the viewers. Though the couple gained negative popularity, they were evidently in the limelight because of the same.

Hence, Big Ed and Liz were actually encashing their stardom. But now it seems that the former is badly struggling with financial issues as he is ready to do anything and everything to make ends meet. Recently, viewers were in shock when they got to know about Ed’s new way of earning. What is he doing these days?

90 Day Fiance: Is Big Ed Dealing With Financial Issues?

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed is currently appearing on The Last Resort show as he is dealing with his demons and issues with Liz Woods. Apparently, it is evident that their relationship is improving now, and their storyline is close to its end.

Hence, now it seems that Big Ed is trying his best to expand his career and is perhaps ready to do anything and everything to make money. Recently, a Reddit thread started that revealed his new gig, and viewers are still in disbelief as they never expected Ed to do this!

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The Reddit thread revealed that Big Ed has started doing advertisements as well. It started with the title, “Big Ed in Solitaire Ad.” It also had snapshots of him promoting a solitaire clash while he wore a massive gold chain around his neck.

The OP further added, “I was playing Scrabble on my phone, and when an ad comes on, this is who I see.” Several viewers predicted that perhaps Big Ed was actually struggling with some severe financial issues. A user wrote, “He’s broke as f**k.” Someone even wondered if monetary problems were the reason why Ed moved to Arkansas and left San Diego.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Has Started His Career As A Realtor!

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed has tried many ways of earning. He started off as a “photographer” and then tried his luck as an “interior designer” as well. Amid all this, the celeb has also been encashing his stardom as an influencer by joining the Cameo platform.

But now it seems that Ed has realized that he needs to have a decent and permanent means of income. Hence, he has joined “The Northwest Arkansas Board Of Realtors” as a realtor now.

Fans were surprised when the official page of the association posted a picture of Ed standing with others and grinning at the camera. As per the reports, a realtor can earn around $96,629 per year. So if the celeb takes his job seriously, he can make a good amount.

This further made the viewers wonder if Ed was actually facing financial crises. A user claimed that he wasn’t even able to afford to live in San Diego and had to leave and move to Arkansas because of money problems. So there is a fair chance that now Ed is trying to rectify the same.

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