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90 Day Fiance: Fans Concerned For Kimberly Rochelle, New Condition Looks Worrisome!

Kimberly Rochelle intially rose to fame because of her chaotic storyline with TJ on 90 Day Fiance. Her problematic personality soon made her the villain of the franchise, and she received criticism for almost everything under the sun. Amid all this, viewers were in shock when they got the latest update on the star.

Kimberly was spotted in a concerning condition. Her appearance made it clear that she was in a pathetic zone, and viewers wondered what had actually happened to her! What is she up to? Is she still with TJ?

90 Day Fiance: Viewers Catch Kimberly In A Concerning Condition

Kimberly Rochelle caught the attention of 90 Day Fiance viewers because of her controversial statements. She made some comments about India, and because of this, she received a lot of criticism. Since then, there have been many instances when fans have called the celeb out. The same happened when Rochelle recently shared a clip on Instagram.

Kimberly posted a video in which she talked about how she stays humble because of her car. She demonstrated the steps that she needs to follow every time she wants to drive her car. The celeb showed the state of her vehicle, which evidently wasn’t good. But some viewers were quick to point out Rochelle’s condition!

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Kimberly appeared to be unkept in her recent post. Her hair was open, and it seemed that she didn’t even comb it before filming the clip. Rochelle didn’t have makeup on her face while she sported a casual hoodie. Several viewers took to the comment section and asked her to get a shower as soon as possible.

A user wrote, “She looks like she didn’t shower for a week.” Another one added, “And now a shower!.” But Kimberly wasn’t ready to take any kind of trolling this time. She clapped back at her critics and revealed that this was her original side. Rochelle even called out the women who were trying to put her down just because she wasn’t well dressed.

90 Day Fiance: Is TJ Still With Kimberly? Where Are They These Days?

90 Day Fiance star Kimberly was on the verge of leaving TJ after having a lavish wedding. She wasn’t able to adjust to the Indian dynamics and had a long list of issues. However, the celeb recently revealed on Instagram that she was still with her husband, and their marriage was going strong.

One of Kimberly’s recent posts revealed that TJ was also in America. The latter was sitting with her while they were talking about sports. The American native even made it clear that the couple wasn’t really planning to settle down in India. As per Rochelle, she has some “personal dietary restrictions,” which means she won’t be able to live in India.

Kimberly further replied to her fans’ queries. She stated that she was open to doing more shows but “couldn’t really care less.” On the other hand, TJ upfrontly admitted that he was willing to do “two or three” more appearances. Hence, it would be interesting to see if these two would return to the reality TV realm again.

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