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90 Day Fiancé: Does Jibri Bell Have A New Girlfriend After Miona Split?

  • Jibri admits he’s single after split with Miona, praises her success, jokes about avoiding Eastern European women.
  • Jibri shares dating history with Serbian women, claims heartbreak only from them, hints at new romance.
  • Jibri raps breakup with Miona, denies dating anyone new, focuses on self-improvement and art.

90 Day Fiancé star Jibri Bell is revealing whether he is dating someone new after his much-talked-about split with Miona Bell. Jibri and Miona starred together in season 9 of the original series when Miona came to the U.S. on a K-1 visa from Serbia. Miona didn’t want to make Rapid City her home and wasn’t interested in living with Jibri’s parents, which caused the couple to argue as Jibri admitted his financial struggles. The couple’s money problems were no longer bothering them after the show as Jibri now claimed Miona was a millionaire.

Miona launched her Miona Beauty business to sell the wigs and ponytails she wore on the show. She was proud that she was a 25-year-old immigrant and was able to buy a luxury car within months of starting her entrepreneurial career. Jibri supported Miona through her ups and downs and the news of their split was unexpected. Jibri flew to Asia while Miona teased her new boyfriend on social media. Miona made her relationship with Terzel Ron Instagram official in May 2024, but has Jibri also moved on?

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Jibri Was In A Relationship With David’s Twin Sister

Jibri Spoke About His Romance With The Serbian Woman

DAVID from 90 Day Fiance outdoors in white jacket and brown hoodie with brown sling bag

Jibri knew David since when he was 16 years old. David had been best friends with David since then. David was an immigrant from Serbia and didn’t speak much English. Jibri had made fun of David’s accent, after which he’d kicked Jibri’s head and put him in a coma for three days. After that, Jibri met a Serbian girl at a party, and they started dating. Three months later, Jibri found out that his girlfriend was David’s twin sister. Even after David’s sister and Jibri broke up, he and David bonded over music. They have been friends for over twelve years.

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Jibri Dated Two More Serbian Women Before Miona

Jibri’s Heart Has Been Broken Only By Serbian Women

Jibri confirmed his split with Miona through an Instagram video in March 2024. Jibri rapped his life story without any inhibitions. He apologized to Miona for leaving her and not trying to work through their problems. Jibri rapped about their fights that put them both through a lot of agony. In his caption, Jibri said that his breakup with Miona was his third true heartbreak. Jibri admitted that this split hurt him as much as the last two. As per Jibri, all three of these heartbreakers, including Miona, were all Serbian women.

“I think it’s time I leave the Eastern European women alone,” he joked.

How Did Jibri Meet Miona On 90 Day Fiancé?

Jibri Wasn’t Looking For A Serious Relationship

Jibri was in Serbia performing his space funk music. Jibri liked Serbia so much that he went there ten times. He was at a show two and a half years ago before he filmed 90 Day Fiancé season 10 and had been single for three months when he met Miona. Jibri was adamant about not being in any relationships and didn’t want to hook up with anyone. However, meeting Miona changed everything. Jibri said that he had butterflies in his stomach the first time he saw Miona. “She’s my soulmate,” Jibri told the cameras.

Jibri & Miona Split Before 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Jibri & Miona Sparked Split Rumors In October 2023

While there were rumors that Jibri and Miona got married much before they filmed the show and faked their timeline, in reality, the couple wed in a sweet ceremony in November 2021. Miona was desperate for a beach wedding but Jibri decided to treat her to a desert one. Jibri and Miona at the Joshua Tree National Park. Not a lot of guests were present, and Jibri’s parents decided to skip the ceremony. Jibri and Miona were together for almost two years until they sparked breakup rumors in October 2023, barely two months before their second anniversary.

Jibri Went On An Asia Tour

Jibri Embraced Spirituality

90 Day Fiancé's Jibri Bell praying in hindu attire with a mystery city type of background

Miona and Jibri had gotten engaged in Thailand. He said that the proposal was super romantic. Jibri and Miona looked like ketchup and mustard as he had a red suit on, and she was in a yellow dress. Unfortunately, the next time that Jibri went to Thailand, it was not with Miona. Jibri embarked on a spiritual tour across Asia, including India and Japan. Jibri flying out of the States in September 2023 while Miona was still back home in Palm Springs was what sparked their split rumors. Jibri and Miona were joined at the hip until they were not.

Jibri Romanced Two Mystery Women After Miona Split

One Of Them Was A “Yazuka Girl From Tokyo”

90 Day Fiancé Jibri Bell wearing durag and t-shirt both black looking sad. Behind him are photos of him and Miona from season 9.
Custom Image by César García

In the same video which Jibri addressed his split with Miona for the first time, he also opened up about his dating life. Jibri said what he did was best for both of them. He spoke about Miona having found a new man and wished her well. Jibri calledhimself a “hopeless romantic.” He said that every relationship he’d been in had sunk like the Titanic. He said he was a Leo who liked older women and had dealt with both two-faced Geminis and freaky Scorpios. Jibri confessed he fell in love with a “Yakuza girl from Tokyo.

Jibri’s Tokyo romance didn’t last long. He said he had to let her go. The woman had kept lying to Jibri so much that he compared her to Pinocchio. After her, Jibri met a woman from the Philippines. She was a supermodel he met in Bali. However, the woman was allegedly using OnlyFans while she was “tweaking off the molly.” Jibri said it was something she wanted but not someone he needed. He described his ideal partner as a spiritual being who understands the inner him. Jibri has decided to focus on his art instead of chasing women.

Is Jibri Dating Someone New In 2024?

Jibri Revealed If He Has A New Girlfriend

Jibri Bell In 90 Day Fiance in yellow shirt and brown cap talking about dating life

While Miona was his muse, Jibri realized that sometimes, relationships just don’t work. Which is why Jibri is staying single for now. Someone recently asked Jibri if he is dating anyone new during a Q&A on Instagram. Jibri’s reply was “Nah.” He said he was a “little h*e” for a little bit, but for now, he’s focused on himself. Jibri is working on his goals. However, he confessed that when he does find his new girlfriend, he is going to “spoil her.” Jibri wants to take his time until he meets his next wife.

Will Jibri Get Back Together Miona?

Is Jibri Missing Miona Too Much To Move On?

Jibri and Miona never returned to the franchise after their last appearance on the season 9 Tell All. Jibri’s next adventure might lead him back to the show. It doesn’t seem likely that Miona will agree to reconcile with Jibri, even though it looks like he still has feelings for him. Miona is happy in her new relationship with Terzel and has moved on. There are also rumors that Miona is pregnant with her new boyfriend’s baby, which proves that her next step would be to divorce the 90 Day Fiancé star.

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