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90 Day Fiance: Did Stacey Give Birth To Twins?

Fans met Stacey during Darcey’s appearance on 90 Day Fiance. They soon rose to fame to the extent that the network gave them their own show. Since then, viewers have been enjoying their spinoff and getting all the details about their lives.

Amid all this, recently, viewers were in shock when Stacey threw a major hint about something big in her life. These hints were pointing at Stacey and Florian having a child! Did they really have a kid? What are they up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Did Stacey & Florian Have Twin Babies?

90 Day Fiance stars Darcey and Florian walked down the aisle on the show. Viewers witnessed their big day and were a part of the event. Apparently, this lavish wedding was featured in Season 4, and viewers still aren’t able to get enough of them. However, it’s been a while since the couple has been enjoying their honeymoon phase.

Several viewers have even suggested Stacey and Florian should think about growing their family and having kids. Amid all this, the latter ended up posting a picture of two identical infants on his social media handle. The celeb didn’t give any kind of explanation and left the viewers thinking what was going on.

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Even Darcey and Stacey took to the comment section and simply added red hearts. Hence, viewers took this matter to Reddit and discussed if it was the picture of the latter’s kids. The OP even wondered, “Are they Florian and Stacey’s babies?.” Some fans even claimed that it was the same baby that was featured twice in the picture.

However, some eagle-eyed viewers were quick to notice that it was none other than Darcey and Stacey’s pictures as infants. A user explained that Florian had even tagged the sisters in the snap. A fan wrote, “It’s S & D as babies. Edit/ they are tagged.” Another one added, “Those babies have to be Dar and Sta – they look exactly like their father there.”

90 Day Fiance: Are Darcey & Stacey Coming Back With Another Spinoff?

Several reports have been claiming that 90 Day Fiance stars Darcey and Stacey won’t return for another season. They even reported that the network denied filming the former’s wedding as they weren’t renewing it for Season 5. But it seems that the sisters aren’t ready to give up easily and throw a major hint at their upcoming appearance in the reality TV realm.

Recently, Darcey took to Instagram and posted a poster. It featured her along with Stacey while they posed for the picture. It further had the title “Stacey & Darcey,” which hinted at something big coming soon. Darcey even wrote in the caption, “D&S see you soon!” with a red heart. Fans were in shock as she posted this amid her show’s cancellation rumours.

Some viewers even pointed out that this poster was of Stacey & Darcey and not Darcey & Stacey like the earlier one. Hence, there is a fair chance that these stars are now getting their own brand-new spinoff and are perhaps preparing for their comeback.

Moreover, a user asked Darcey if this edition would document her trip to Dubai. She was quick to answer, “Yess! You know us well! Love you! Let’s do it big!.” Now, viewers are eagerly waiting to know if Stacey and Darcey are actually returning or not

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