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90 Day Fiancé: Did Brandan & Mary Have A Baby Girl Or Boy?

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay may have revealed the unique name of their baby in a recent Instagram Live.

  •  Brandan and Mary, a couple from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, revealed the gender of their baby in episode 18 – it’s a girl!
  •  Brandan’s mom, Angela, had been skeptical of Mary and their relationship, but they had a fun gender reveal celebration together.
  •  The couple seemingly named their daughter “Midnight,” although it’s uncertain if it’s a nickname or her actual name.

He started second-guessing his move to the Philippines once he realized he was going to be a dad. He started fighting with Mary, began sleeping until late in the afternoon, and spent the rest of his time playing games instead of helping Mary in the house. He reluctantly proposed to Mary, and the couple was days away from their wedding when Brandan’s mom Angela visited them. Angela was never a fan of Mary. She felt Mary was manipulative and alienating Brandan from his own family by asking him to not interact with any women. The recent episodes showed Brandan making his best efforts to get Angela and Mary on the same page.

Brandan & Mary Had A Gender Reveal In Episode 18

Brandan and Mary from 90 day fiance sitting together and talking in front of pink background

Mary was 24 weeks pregnant in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way episode 18. They got their first sonogram done, but the doctor hid the baby’s gender in a plastic envelope. Brandan wanted his mom to read out the gender so that she would feel included in their pregnancy journey. Brandan wanted to break the ice between his mom and Mary. Earlier in the episode, Brandan tried to pull a prank on Angela by making her eat frogs and telling her they were baby chickens. When Mary tried to talk to Angela, she noticed that Brandan’s mom was only engaging in a conversation with her son.

Brandan & Mary Revealed They’re Having A Girl

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé's Brandan & Mary, smiling

Mary thought Angela was judging her. “She’s still not willing to be okay with me,” Mary told the cameras. However, the couple did have a fun gender reveal celebration with Angela after Brandan’s mom asked the two to consider therapy and counseling to fix their relationship issues. They ordered two slices of pie to the table. If they were having a boy, Mary had to smash pie on Brandan’s face and if it was a girl, Mary would get pie in her face. Angela showed the sonogram to the cameras to reveal Mary and Brandan were having a daughter. Brandan rubbed pie all over Mary’s face, but not before she did the same to him.

Brandan & Mary Seemingly Named Their Daughter “Midnight”

It is rumored that Brandan and Mary welcomed their baby earlier this year. In August 2023, Mary did a TikTok Live where a baby could be heard crying in the background. Mary shot down comments about the baby since she wanted to avoid sharing any spoilers with her followers. However, Mary decided to Live on Instagram on October 28 in the middle of a fight with Brandan (as shared by Redditor u/Sunbearemii.) She wanted him to buy her a new phone, so she could earn money creating online vlogs. Meanwhile, Brandan was still spending all of his time playing video games.

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At the end of the Live, Brandan could be heard apologizing to Mary as she continued crying on the screen. “I will help find ways to make money. I will do more around the house,” Brandan told Mary. Brandan also seemingly revealed that they’ve named their daughter “Midnight” by telling Mary, “I will take care of Midnight more.” He assured Mary that he would not play games anymore but could “maybe consider playing games again” when “Midnight is older.” Midnight could be what the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple named their child, or perhaps it’s a nickname they use until they reveal her real name.

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