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90 Day Fiancé: Daniele Gates Looks Unrecognizable After Glam Transformation

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Daniele Gates is looking different and much younger after dumping her unfaithful husband Yohan Geronimo on season 5.

  • Daniele Gates undergoes a shocking makeover and debuts a new look after separating from her cheating husband.
  •  She reveals her new appearance at an event in New York, sporting long, blonde hair and a glamorous outfit.
  •  Fans praise her for looking younger and speculate that her transformation is a sign of her newfound happiness and revenge against her ex.

The newly separated Daniele is back in New York after having moved to the DR to be with Yohan and Daniele is revealing her new look now that she’s single.

Daniele shared a series of photos from the Art Basel 2023 collaboration event with The Optic Siren. Daniele, known for her signature curls, ditched them and opted for a long, blonde-haired look for the occasion. The wavy mermaid-like hair was accessorized with a golden tiara by Daniele. She wore a metallic-finish strapless maxi dress and paired it with a sparkly pair of heels. “I didn’t recognize you! Lol I love the look!” a fan told Daniele in the comments.

Is Daniele Gates Looking For Revenge?

Daniele Gates montage from 90 Day Fiance smilng in two pics

In her caption, Daniele wrote that the one thing she missed the most about New York was the pop-ups. “I love connecting and networking with women who are trying to create change in the world,” she wrote. However, Daniele added that she can do only one event person because, at her age, it takes her “two days to prep and three days to recover.” Daniele may have mentioned that she’s getting older, but fans in her comments are telling Daniele that she looks “younger.” One such fan told Daniele, “Happiness looks good on u.” Someone else commented, “Beautiful inside and out!.”

Daniele’s post is well-timed as it was posted on the same day as the release of the new 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Tell All episode. In the episode, Daniele exposes Yohan for scamming her and claiming that the apartment they lived in was used by him to sleep with other women in Daniele’s absence. Daniele has revealed that she’s separated from Yohan, but she recently also confirmed that she’s still married. They had their third wedding anniversary recently, but Daniele could be in the middle of getting a divorce considering how badly she was treated by Yohan in the marriage.

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Daniele definitely dressed up for revenge in her mermaid-inspired makeover. She wanted to rub her happiness in Yohan’s face. Daniele has been living her life to the fullest from what her social media posts reveal and 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans can sense it. Daniele may not have been a fan-favorite when she started her reality TV career because viewers thought she had tricked Yohan by promising him a Green Card and then moved to the DR because of financial difficulties. However, the tables have turned for Daniele now after fans saw Yohan’s true colors.

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