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90 Day Fiancé: Clues John McManus & Megan Got Married

90 Day Fiancé's John McManus is a changed man after meeting Megan on The Single Life season 4. Patrick Mendes's brother is reportedly married in 2024.

    • John from 90 Day: The Single Life proved skeptics wrong by marrying Megan and leaving party habits behind for a family man persona.
    •  Patrick and Thaís tried to sabotage John’s relationship with Megan, but John remained committed and proposed to her on the Tell All.
    •  Clues from viewers on Reddit and John’s Instagram suggest that he may have already tied the knot with Megan, despite initial doubts.

    90 Day: The Single Life star John McManus seems to have already tied the knot with Megan after season 4. John was a cast member whom fans either loved or hated when he joined 90 Day Fiancé season 9 with Patrick Mendez and Thaís Ramone. John was a fun character who meddled in Patrick and Thaís’ relationship but also made fans laugh with his one-liners and unintentionally funny observations such as calling Jibri Bell “Sparkles.

    90 Day Fiancé fans thought John was too immature for a permanent relationship, but John proved them wrong. He was willing to relocate from Las Vegas to Texas for Megan, although he’d dated briefly. John used to be a party animal in season 9 and his party habits didn’t bode well with the new family man persona he was going for. However, John declared he would only marry Megan and several clues suggest that John is a man of his word.

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    John Secretly Wished For A Life Like Patrick & Thaís

    Why John Rushed Into Settling Down

    “John’s not gonna move out the first month that we’re married.”

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    Patrick said John would take at least three months. While Thaís was sure it was never going to happen, John did move out after they all relocated to Las Vegas and moved into a different brother’s house. However, John didn’t really distance himself from Patrick and Thaís. On 90 Day: The Single Life, John decided he wanted to settle down. He was serious about moving into Megan’s house while he had known her for only five months and had met her once in his lifetime.

    John failed to realize that Patrick and Thaís were intentionally trying to sabotage his relationship with Megan. While John had brought Megan to meet his brother and his brother’s wife with good intentions, Patrick outright told Megan that John was irresponsible and not ready to have children of his own. Megan, who didn’t have any idea about John’s future baby plans, was in for a shock. John still didn’t stop discussing his love life with Patrick and Thaís, perhaps hoping for them to guide him into having a successful marriage like theirs.

    Red Flags In Megan & John’s Relationship

    Is Megan The Right Person For John?

    John McManus In 90 Day Fiance in pink shirt and Vivint cap

    Meanwhile, John’s naivety also led him to make several poor decisions in his relationship with Megan. Megan was the one who approached John on social media, presumably after watching him in 90 Day Fiancé season 9. Megan could have predicted that being in a relationship with John would guarantee her a spot on a spin-off, and if she married him, she could end up on a show like 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Megan was eager to get married to John and have children with him. She wanted John to leave his life in Las Vegas behind.

    90 Day: The Single Life’s John McManus has a new GF, Meghan. However, the couple is having trouble seeing eye-to-eye on their future together.

    Megan insisted that John should follow her conditions if he wanted a serious relationship with her.

    John, who had already fallen head over heels for Megan, did as he was told without weighing the pros and the cons. John was apprehensive about the fact that Megan was already a mom. However, since Megan was the one, John was ready to make some adjustments in his life for her. Patrick had asked John if he was just telling Megan what she wanted to hear, but John claimed he was honest and telling Megan the truth.

    John Proposed To Megan On The Tell All

    Megan Got The Commitment She Wanted From John

    John and Megan’s storyline after 90 Day: The Single Life season 4 was discussed in the Tell All Part 3. John’s brother was invited on set along with Megan. John admitted that he was unsure about having kids when he started looking for someone to date, but that meeting Megan changed his mind. John was now okay with making babies with Megan, apart from being a father to her daughter from her previous relationship. Patrick wasn’t convinced by John’s stance. He didn’t believe that John had suddenly changed his mind about having children of his own.

    Patrick not only had huge doubts about his brother but also about Megan.

    Tim Malcolm wanted to know about the red flags that Patrick saw in Megan. Patrick said it was the fact that Megan was very jealous. Megan wanted John to share his location. Megan was doing this even after John moved into her Texas house. Megan admitted she had trust issues but was working on trusting John better. She now trusted him 99.99 percent, but she also wanted John to propose to her within a year and a half. John said he was crazy about Megan. However, he wasn’t a “timeline guy.”

    Megan didn’t want a ceremony, but she was looking for the commitment that came with a proposal.

    Goddamn, give a man a break!” John exclaimed when he heard this. It appeared as if John was down on one knee and asking Megan for her hand in marriage. However, the scene was cut abruptly. 90 Day: The Single Lifeleft viewers on a cliffhanger as John exclaimed, “It’s right now, baby.

    John Spotted Wearing Possible Wedding Ring

    John’s Wedding Ring Made An Appearance Early In Season 4

    According to Reddit user Protocal-Omega, John already gave a spoiler to viewers two months ago, in February 2024, about the future of his relationship with Megan. The viewer spotted what looked like a “wedding band” on John’s left hand’s ring finger. The screenshot was taken from one of John’s confessional interviews much before the show revealed his move to Texas or his proposal at the Tell All. Fans agreed that they would have missed it if John hadn’t used his hands while talking to the camera. However, a few others were certain that it was a casual ring.

    Happily Ever After Trailer Spoils John & Megan’s Storyline

    Will Megan Accompany John, Thaís & Patrick As They Travel To Brazil?

    Interestingly, Reddit user Ms_Moto also spotted a major clue that reveals that John could now be married to Megan after his Tell All proposal. This time around, the screenshot was from John’s scene in an upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 8. Patrick and Thaís are yet to be introduced in the season, but their synopsis reveals they will be heading to Thaís’ hometown in Brazil with John in tow. The series seems to have been filmed after the events of The Single Life and the “wedding band” John is wearing confirms he married Megan.

    John Has Been Flaunting Megan On Instagram

    John Is Proud Of His Lady Love

    John’s Instagram page @johnnyhandlesticks gives an insight into his relationship status with Megan after 90 Day: The Single Life. John has been sharing photos with Megan, which reveals they are still going strong. In March 2024, he even went on a beach date with Megan while assuring fans they had a babysitter at home to look after Megan’s daughter River. The next edition of the Tell All might confirm that John and Megan are engaged, but fans might have to wait a little longer to see if Megan’s dream of marrying John comes true.

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