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90 Day Fiance: Clayton’s Mom Is Living In A Closet! [DETAILS]

Season 10 of the original series 90 Day Fiance has just started. However, fans already can’t keep calm to see the newest additions to the show. TLC introduces at least one weird couple every season. Now, it appears that fans will get to witness one more crazy couple other than Jasmine and Gino. The network had been saving their most anticipated couple, Clayton and Anali, for the last.

The newest stars met online through a learning app. They turned heads when Clayton opened up about his mom living in a closet for years. Now, fans are excited to meet his mom in the upcoming episodes. How did they react?

90 Day Fiance: Fans Can’t Wait To See The “Mom In A Closet” Guy!

90 Day Fiance features some of the most weird couples every year. The show gave some jaw-dropping moments through the years. However, it appears that the brand-new pair is one step ahead of raising eyebrows. Recently, TLC shared a new sneak peek about the most anticipated pair of Season 10.

Fans will get to see Anali and Clayton in the upcoming episode. However, the latter turned heads when he claimed that his mom was living inside a closet for a long time. The American star has been living in a one-BHK apartment with his pets and mom.

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Clayton is nervous about the arrival of his girlfriend in a small apartment. He introduced his roommates, two guinea pigs, and two chihuahuas. However, he shocked everyone after introducing his fifth roommate, his mother. The latter has been living in a walking closet for a couple of years.

90 Day Fiance

Fans couldn’t hold their laughter after the preview and shared their response. One fan wrote, “I CANNOT wait for “Mom in the closet” dude.” Meanwhile, another 90 Day Fiance viewer joked, “The mom in the closet is wild”, with lots of laughing emojis.

Several others went on to laugh at TLC for bringing such couples. A different fan pointed out that the reality TV star has all the money for his expensive puts but not his mom. At last, someone pointed out that the network waited to bring the craziest pair in the last.

90 Day Fiance: Clayton Introduced 5 Roommates, Including His Mom!

Clayton and Anali have been making headlines since the teaser of the new season. However, the center of attention has been the former’s mom living in a closet. Recently, in a new sneak peek of Season 10. In it, Clayton revealed his 5 roommates, including his mother.

The cast member stated, “I have two guinea pigs, Baby Pig and Chocolate.” Clayton went ahead to explain how his pigs make different noises for every emotion. Further, he added, “I have two guinea pigs, Baby Pig and Chocolate.” The newest 90 Day Fiance star went on to introduce the remaining roommate in his one BHK apartment.

Clayton opened a door where his mom was sitting on a mattress on the floor. He informed the audience that she had been living in a walking closet attached to the living room. Further, his mom expressed that it was her makeshift room for three years as a temporary arrangement

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