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90 Day Fiancé: Citra Is ‘Scared’ Of Living With Sam (Her Concerns Are Valid)

90 Day Fiancé season 10 star Citra is finally in the U.S. after an 18-hour flight. However, Citra is scared about living with Sam in his house.


  •  Citra expresses fears about living in America with Sam after marrying due to his past drug addiction and recent jail time.
  •  Citra is unsure about living with Sam, his father, and his brother, and worries about the awkwardness and lack of privacy.
  •  Despite the challenges, Citra and Sam are still together and seem to have cleared the mess in their house, making it more comfortable for them to live together.

90 Day Fiancé star Citra has expressed her fears about living with Sam Wilson in America after they marry. Sam is a 30-year-old man from Cameron, Missouri. Sam is employed as a dockworker for Amazon, where he works two shifts a day. Sam had been dating Citra from Indonesia for three years before their reality TV debut. They met on a dating app, but they weren’t exactly attracted to each other for the longest time. When they developed feelings for each other, Sam told Citra about his drug past. Sam had been addicted to opiates since he was 15 years old. Citra looked beyond Sam’s past.

Sam had been clean for almost 10 years except for a couple of relapses. However, he hadn’t told Citra about how he was going to end up in jail for missing the deadline to complete the diversion program he was required to attend for having Suboxone without a prescription. Sam had to face Citra’s dad, Herman, a police officer, and let him know about this. Herman was going to come to the U.S. to attend Citra’s wedding and help Sam with his conversion to Islam. While all these issues are yet to be tackled in their storyline, Citra is also unsure about how she’s going to live with Sam.

Citra Reveals Living In America ‘Scares’ Her

90 Day Fiance's Sam & Citra kissing. Citra wears a yellow dress, Sam wears a white shirt,

With 14 days left for them to wed, Citra arrived in America after an 18-hour flight. As Sam drove Citra to his house, she took in the scenery and surroundings. Citra happened to spot a dilapidated house which reminded her of the Texas Chainsaw House which was prominently featured in Tobe Hooper’s horror movie Texas Chain Saw Massacre. She mentioned the character “Leatherface.” Citra blamed her imagination because she watches a lot of horror movies which were based in the U.S. and now she was going to live there. “It’s gonna scare me,” she admitted.

Sam’s Living Situation Is Not Ideal To Citra

Sam from 90 Day Fiance Season 10 confessional

Citra turned to Sam to ask him if his dad was going to be in the house. She told the cameras that she had “concerns” because Sam lived with his father and his brother. “Like three guys in his house,” she added. She wondered if living in the same house as them was going to be awkward for her. Citra thought about her doing “something girly”, for instance, if she had a period “or something like that.” She wasn’t used to living in a situation like that, since Citra had grown up with two sisters who she could discuss such issues with.

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Citra also saw how messy Sam’s house was. She saw that his room was strewn with clothes and tried to understand which pile was the dirty one and which was the clean clothes. Since Tim was going to be sleeping in his brother’s room, Citra was going to sleep in Sam’s room, which was disgusting and dirty. Citra had no option but to clean it to make it habitable.

Is Citra Still Living With Sam, His Brother & Dad?

Sam’s latest Instagram post showing him doing a five-step skincare routine after getting influenced by Citra has him using the same bathroom which was seen when he showed Citra his house. Sam and Citra are still together and seem to be living in the same house since they married on September 10, 2023, according to Starcasm. Citra celebrated Halloween with Sam, and they are certainly still together. It appears Citra may have helped Sam clear the mess in his house and become comfortable living with his father and brother.

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