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90 Day Fiance: Chantel Everett Preps For First Date After Divorce!

It has been a while since Chantel and Pedro appeared on 90 Day Fiance. After they won hearts with their love story, TLC promoted them with a new spin-off, The Family Chantel. So, the couple and their families began appearing on it. But after a couple of years of togetherness, the couple opted for a divorce. The new season is depicting the same.

Now that Pedro and Chantel are single, they have been looking for ways to dive into the dating pool. After the former had his own share of fun, his ex-wife also expressed her wish to find someone new after all. So, how did it go for Chantel?

90 Day Fiance: Chantel Says She Is Expensive While Preparing Herself For A Date!

Over the years, Chantel Everett has earned many loyal followers through her shows 90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel. Even when she and Pedro were calling it quits, she had tons of support. Many saw how hard she tried to save her marriage, but things didn’t work out. Now, the fanbase is happy for her as she is back in her strong, independent woman era.

In one of the latest episodes, Chantel revealed how her friends had set her up for a blind date. She was preparing for the same with her sister Winter. Together, they decided she should wear a denim dress. Apart from that, the star mentioned a lot of things in the confessional. She revealed how dating was an alien concept to her.

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That’s because Chantel’s ex-husband Pedro would rarely take her out on dates, even when they were married. On the times they did go out, his sister Nicole would join them so it wouldn’t feel like a date. So, it had been a very long time since the star had gone out on a date.

Chantel expressed how she wants her new man to be the exact opposite of her former husband. She wanted someone who wasn’t broke, unlike Pedro. The cast member also wanted someone with a couple of cars, a house, a fence, and a boat. Winter teased her sister, asking if Chantel was trying to send a message, and called her expensive.

Then, Chantel tried to act all modest while saying she “wasn’t cheap.” 90 Day Fiance fans are now eagerly waiting to see how her date will go. The celeb has already been getting a lot of male attention. There were also rumors about hip-hop sensation Drake sliding into her DMs, which she later confirmed.

90 Day Fiance: Pedro Tries To Spite Chantel With His Dates! Stooping Too Low

As per the current scenario in the latest The Family Chantel episodes, Chantel is in the US while her ex went to the Dominican Republic. While back in his native land, Pedro also tried to hop into the dating bandwagon. 90 Day Fiance Viewers were in shock when they saw the first girl he went on a date with. Well, she looked just like Chantel!

The Family Chantel

That’s not all. Pedro, too, confirmed she did look like her ex-wife, only thinner, taking a further dig at her. Fans were really put off by this and wished he would just move on without dragging his ex even after their divorce. But Pedro decided to stoop even lower with one more stunt. He talked of meeting an “old friend” who was none other than Coraima.

90 Day Fiance fans must remember how Nicole’s friend Coraima had a crush on Pedro even when he was married. Chantel never really liked her. So, he decided to spite his former wife further by going on a date with her.

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