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90 Day Fiance: Cast Members Team Up Against Jasmine During Tell All — “Poster Child For Toxic Partner”

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days just wrapped up. Viewers who are familiar with the format of the show must know how all the castmates unite in the end for a Tell All. Well, this time around, the excitement and drama were doubled owing to all the interesting castmates.

Yet, Gino and Jasmine from last season took away all the spotlight. Needless to say, their storyline was the most toxic this season. Long story short, all the other castmates discussed the same in the Tell All and blamed Jasmine for all the chaos and fiasco!

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Faces The Heat For Her Toxicity! Fellow Castmates Angry

All the castmates who starred in 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6 finally go to meet one another. It happened during the filming of the Tell All. At first, all the American castmates except for Gino gathered to discuss who was the most toxic couple this season.

So, everyone ended up agreeing that it was Gino and Jasmine. Statler went as far as saying that the latter is the “poster child for a toxic partner.” However, they were in for a surprise as Gino and Jasmine both entered the studio. Everyone was shocked to see her in America and not in Panama.

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90 Day Fiance

Jasmine, being Jasmine, was upfront and said she heard everything her 90 Day Fiance castmates were saying behind her back. That’s when there was an awkward silence in the room until the crew told them to join host Shaun Robinson for filming.

Things soon got out of hand, and Jasmine ended up proving how toxic she had been in her relationship with Gino. So, the castmates continued to stand by their statement about the couple’s relationship being very toxic.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Admits To Going On Dinner With Ex While She Was Still Engaged To Gino On Valentine’s Day!

As the discussion during the Tell All got more heated, lots of things came into the limelight. The 90 Day Fiance crew revealed an unseen footage from the season. It featured Jasmine on the video call with Dane, where she kept calling him “baby.”

She had already claimed to have made a sex tape with him. It was uneasy for the rest of the castmates to watch, and they found it problematic. But things took a shocking turn when Jasmine admitted to going out with Dane even when she was in a relationship with Gino. Moreover, it happened on Valentine’s Day!

It was a very inappropriate thing as all the castmates began slamming her. But Jasmine tried to defend herself and didn’t find her actions wrong! Gino also called his future wife out for discussing details about their sex life with her ex. Hence, Jasmine definitely proved herself to be very toxic by these very actions in front of her castmates.

How did you feel about the first part of this anticipated Tell All? Do you also agree Jasmine is highly toxic?

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