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90 Day Fiancé cast members Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker could reconcile.


  •  Molly and Cynthia were a hilarious duo on Pillow Talk, with their Southern accents and entertaining banter.
  •  Molly’s friendship with Kelly is toxic, unlike her strong bond with Cynthia, who she had been friends with for over two decades.
  •  It is possible that Kelly played a role in causing the rift between Molly and Cynthia, and Molly should consider reconciling with Cynthia to uncover the truth. #90DayFiance

In 2023, Molly and Cynthia are no longer friends. Cynthia has been accused of resenting Molly for being the star of Pillow Talk while she was reduced to a sidekick. Molly also sued Cynthia for starting a company that competed with their lingerie business. Molly claimed Cynthia took client information and was harassing their employees. Cynthia allegedly sold her share of the business to Molly and was subsequently removed from the business accounts in March 2023.

Molly & Cynthia Were A Good Duo On 90 Day Fiancé

molly cynthia 90 day fiance pillow talk chatting on couch

Molly and Cynthia were one of the funniest duos on Pillow Talk. While they were loud and annoyed some viewers with their overdone Southern accents, they had a cute dynamic on Pillow Talk. Their trying to finish each other’s sentences was entertaining. Molly had smart insights to share about everyone’s relationships, and with Cynthia by her side, the two had the best comebacks for almost every Pillow Talk episode they were in. They supported all the couples and were virtual cheerleaders with their collection of snarks and snacks.

Molly & Kelly’s Relationship Is Toxic, Unlike Her Friendship With Cynthia

90 Day Fiancé star Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker talking on a sofa

Cynthia and Molly’s banter was missed once she was replaced by Kelly on Pillow Talk. Cynthia confirmed she was no longer friends with Molly and was not going to be back on Pillow Talk. Now with Kelly and Molly’s split, viewers might never get to see the Georgia woman back on screen unless she decides to bury the hatchet with Cynthia. Molly and Kelly knew each other for three years, while her friendship goes back a long way, over two decades. After having been close friends for so long, there might be a slight chance that the two women might be able to reconcile in the future.

Kelly Was Likely The Cause Of Their Friendship Ending

Besides, news of Molly and Kelly’s split arrived right after Cynthia confirmed she and Molly were not friends. 90 Day Fiancé viewers wondered if Kelly was the reason why Molly and Cynthia weren’t friends. “You got a friend in me. Out of all the bulls**t, we have gained an amazing friend,” Cynthia wrote in her caption for an Instagram post in February 2023, which showed her spending time with Kelly at home with her husband. Kelly has somehow bonded with Cynthia since his breakup with Molly, which is odd.

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It’s not confirmed that Kelly could have made Cynthia turn her back to Molly in some way. However, if Molly has decided to end things with Kelly, and he continues to stay friends with her friends, there’s a chance he had something to do with what happened between his ex and her best friend. Molly could consider offering an olive branch to Cynthia to figure out if Kelly was the one creating problems in their relationship, and perhaps viewers can get to see their favorite duo back on 90 Day Fiancé.

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