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90 Day Fiance: “Can’t Handle The Heat” —Kim Menzies Trolls New Castmates!

Kimberly Menzies always had a reputation for being upfront and fiery. Fans got to see it when she made her debut alongside Usman on 90 Day Fiance. While they are no longer together, viewers still love to get glimpses of her happenings through her social media handle. Ever since she became a single woman, everyone has been rooting for her.

Lately, Kim decided to share her unfiltered opinions regarding the current batch of new castmates from the show. As per her, they haven’t been able to “handle the heat.” So, what exactly did she mean by this? What did they do?

90 Day Fiance: Kim Menzies Slams New Castmates For Getting Affected By Trolls!

The brand new season of 90 Day Fiance brought forward different kinds of castmates with very different storylines. As of now, TLC has been airing the Tell All special from The Other Way in different parts. Viewers have had a lot to say about this season. Similarly, Kim also shared her opinion on one of the Instagram pages.

Kimberly mentioned how people should just “get out of the kitchen” if they “can’t stand the heat.” She said this in reference to all the new cast members going off social media. They have been doing so after receiving a lot of backlash because of their storylines. Her comment was specially directed to Holly Weeks and Wayne Cornish.

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At the same time, another 90 Day Fiance cast member, Jamie Noguera, also replied to Kimberly’s comment. She expressed feeling “weak” by paying attenti on to haters until she saw the new castmates dealing with it much worse. So, Menzies decided to compliment her and said how they were “unstoppable” and “indestructible.”

So far, Wayne and Holly have not yet responded to this. But viewers have often found them justifying themselves on social media. They often cpmplained how TLC edited their storyline in such a way that they look bad on TV. Moreover, Holly has cried her eyes out multiple times, complaining about the death threats by fans of the show.

90 Day Fiance: Tania Replies To Kim’s Statements! Calls Her Harsh

While a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans supported what Kim had to say, there was a fellow cast member who was against this. Well, none other than Tania Maduro, who had appeared with Syngin Colchester, came to Holly’s rescue. She called Kimberly’s comments rather “harsh” and said everyone’s at liberty to remove themselves if they find it best for them.

90 Day Fiance

Tania went on to call the world “cold” and “hard.” She went on to explain that everyone is built differently and, hence, has a different way of dealing with such things. Well, the star’s shoutout was of no use. That’s because as Holly announced her departure from her social for a so-called break, she was back again after a few hours, doing live sessions.

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