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90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Brown D ead after Fall off Bridge?

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown posted a video that shows him in San Diego falling off a bridge and laying lifeless on the ground. However, to some fans relief… it’s a prank video.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Brown Loses Fans

90 Day Fiance shows Big Ed Brown on the Single Life. Fans have already had issues with the way he treats his ladies in the past, but audio of a phone call between him and his ex Liz Marie has stirred up more. But long before this, even when he had his time with Rose Vega, fans weren’t really pleased. Many people made fun of him and said that they were grossed out by him even. But some people were big fans.

One of the most memorable moments from the whole show is when he asked Rose for a kiss, and she told him only on the cheek. He then became a repeat offender when he shared an awkward nose kiss with Liz. He leaned in for a kiss, and she dodged. Many fans have issues believing that Ed could get all these women but had a harder time believing he would get so much attention.

TLC Star Gets a Uses His Celebrity Status

90 Day Fiance has Big Ed Brown get a big head about his life. The attention he got from being with Rose Vega skyrocketed him into a sort of celeb status. Soon he was even letting fans hire him. He has a big personality and uses that to make his money. He has merchandise available for his followers and dresses up in chicken suits to do their weddings. As long as they are willing to pay him $3,500, of course. And then another $175 for every hour they want him to stay.

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90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown

But this did not last long when the audio of him yelling at Liz Marie surfaced. He got mad because she took a co-worker home after she got Ed’s permission. Ed then told her that it’s stupid that she would think that is okay to do and that it was disrespectful. He then continued to call her the f-word multiple times and yell at her calling her names. People did not like this side of Ed and started the hashtag #cancelbiged. Many fans refuse to give him attention at all. This caused a decrease in his popularity.

90 Day Fiance: Got to Get Them Back Big Ed Brown

90 Day Fiance’s Ed Brown has tried to rebuild his audience with videos. He will go and take on food eating challenges and try to be funny on camera. In one video of him eating ribs, he decides to get BBQ sauce everywhere. Instead of pulling fans in, it pushed them out. Ed then thought of the idea to do a prank video of him sneaking up on his friend and scaring him.

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown

He has his friend meet him on a suspension bridge and sneaks up behind him in a fur coat and fur slippers. He growls from behind his friend, and the prank is over. But then the video takes a dark turn. Suddenly Ed doesn’t know where he is and starts acting like he is going to jump off the side of the bridge that looks to be about 20 feet up from the ground.

TLC Star Takes a Dive

Ed Brown from 90 Day Fiance jumps off the bridge. Fans don’t see him fall but see his body on the ground. He is unmoving, and he’s not responding to his friend calling to him. Afterward, it is revealed that Ed is recovering from his injuries, but fans do not believe him. They say the video is fake, and he is just trying to get a few views. Other’s are upset with his insensitivity.

To make a video where he jokingly jumps off a bridge to injure/kill himself is very insensitive. Many people are dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts every day. With such a hard topic, it’s hard to watch someone make a joke like this. However, Ed Brown is fine because he never talks about it again and never has any bandages on in photos shared around this time. This is also something fans don’t like because he gives no trigger warning to his graphic content.

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