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90 Day Fiance: Ashley’s Mom Wants Manuel To Tell His Parents The TRUTH

Ashley and Manuel turned heads with their debut on the new season of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. The couple has become a part of Season 10 of the flagship series recently. They joined the show to give their relationship another chance.

The new couple met each other 10 years ago by luck and started dating. However, things went south, and Ashley and Manuel lost track of each other. Now, the TLC stars are back to tie the knot after getting the K1 Visa.

However, it appears that Manuel has to give the final test of his relationship. They met Ashley’s mom in the latest episode. However, she wants her future son-in-law to be truthful to his parents about their relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley’s Mom Wants Manuel To Be Honest With His Family!

90 Day Fiance star Ashley and Manuel entered the show to give their love another shot. However, it appears that the latter will have to fulfill his girlfriend’s mom’s wishes. The couple have started bonding with each other during his visit to America.

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Ashley wanted her boyfriend to bond with her dog Rico. Finally, Manuel was able to do it and received too many kisses from the pet. Later, the couple went for some grocery shopping. Ashley gave her partner a tour of the store, and he found so many interesting things.

As per the hollywoodgossip, the American native, Ashley, told her partner, Manuel, on their way that they were going to meet her mom. She asked her partner if she had told his mom the truth. Ashley questioned if she had told her that he was not on a construction job in Ecuador anymore.

However, the new TLC celeb, Manuel, responded that he had no idea how he would break the news to his mom. But he also assured her that he would handle it. Finally, the time came when they went to meet Ashley’s mom. Well, Ashley is very close to her mom and never hides anything from her.

However, the mother was concerned about a thing about Manuel. Stacey claimed that her daughter would never go anywhere without telling her or lying to her. Ashley was disheartened by the way Manuel lied to his mom that he went there for work purposes.

90 Day Fiance: Manuel Finally Told His Mom The Truth About Himself And Ashley!

Manuel and Ashley don’t want to make any mistakes in their relationship. Her mom wanted her future son-in-law to come clean about his visit to America. Finally, he got the courage to speak the truth to his mom over a video call.

He decided to tell her that he was in New York with his lady love. Further, Manuel noted that everything was fast and crazy, so he couldn’t tell her. But Manuels’ mom was sad to hear that her son went to America without saying goodbye.

Moreover, Manuel’s mom requested him not to forget her and the family that he had left behind. Now, fans will have to see how things unfold between Ashely and Manuel after this.

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