90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiancé: Ashley and Manuel Go From ‘Livid’ to ‘S@x Magic’ and Gino Is So ‘Dead’ After Mystery Lipgloss

Meanwhile, Nick's biggest fear came true when fiancée Devin cried in front of his traditional, Korean parents

Another day, another drama on 90 Day Fiancé.

Season 10 is shaping up to be one of the most tumultuous yet, with cracks in longstanding relationships and new couples hoping for family approval. Sunday night’s episode saw Jasmine finally meet Gino’s family after years of virtual tension. And their questions didn’t lead to especially loving conversations, especially after the future in-laws noticed Jasmine’s scandalous social media presence.

Nick’s biggest fear came true when Devin broke down in tears in front of his traditional, Korean parents and Ashley felt disrespected when Manuel bragged about their massive arguments to a new therapist.

Here’s everything that unfolded, and where it leaves the couples for next week.

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Sophie and Rob

Sophie 90 Day
Sophie tells her mom about Rob’s latest betrayal.TLC

Last week, Sophie moved out of Rob’s home and into a rental after finding explicit photo and video exchanges with other women on his phone. Rob then cried to the cameras about their broken bond. “She’s damn near done with me over this,” he said. “The crazy part is it’s like this conversation that Sophie’s pissed off at me about is months old — from before her visa got accepted — and I don’t even know this girl. Like, I literally don’t know this girl.”

Sophie confided in her mom about the betrayal, and contemplated what came next. “I just hate the man. I hate him,” her mom admitted. “I just got all through that. I spent ages getting to this place where, no, he loves Sophie. He’s an actual knobhead. You gave up your life for the last God knows how many years to get a visa, to be with him in America and get married because he won’t come to you. It’s the ultimate disrespect.”

For Sophie, Rob is missing the “bare minimum” of respect — loyalty. Her mom didn’t hold back in terms of criticisms, either. “He’s jobless, he’s boring, he has no sympathy. Now he’s talking to dirty, nasty skanks online just so that he can get his sausage to explode,” she said, adding, “You can’t be with this guy. You cannot marry him, Soph. Clearly, you want to still be with him because your conversation would be mum, I’ve left Robert and I’ve got to leave. I’m coming home. So deep down you want to give him a chance and deep down you still love him.”

Sophie confirmed she’s still hoping to reconcile. “You can’t unlove someone that quickly. I will hear his side, but at the same time, I’ve seen the videos now, I’ve seen the messages. I can’t unsee that. And, I don’t know, even if I was to give him a chance … you can’t have a relationship without trust.”

Jasmine and Gino 

90 Day Fiance
Jasmine and Gino socialize with his family members.TLC

It was finally time for Jasmine to meet Gino’s family after years of uncertainty, virtual drama and questions regarding her intentions with the American man. Jasmine didn’t hold back when she told her fiancé she felt like “a cow going to the butchery,” on the drive there.

Things were off to a good start when the family lifted their spirits to welcome Jasmine to Michigan. “When I first arrived, the first impression that I’m getting is that Gino’s family seems happy to meet me,” she told cameras. “They’re all smiley, very joyful. They are saying nice things. I’m not shocked that they’re being nice to me, because the way I picture it is like when an animal is trying to attract their prey. They’re trying to be like, look friendly and all that. And they’re just waiting for the moment to attack.”

Jasmine wasn’t necessarily wrong. After playing Bocce Ball together and sharing just how hard it was for Jasmine to leave her family behind in Panama, the family unloaded their concerns about her intentions. “The biggest word we have is that she’s just coming here to use Gino,” one family member said. “So that kind of gave us more red flags to kind of think about like, she’s not grateful for the money she was given. She’s going to spend it on something else and hope that she gets more.”

Another added, “And when we look on social media, we saw a lot of provocative type things. I guess we’re a little bit concerned about why she’s doing that. Is she trying to get other sugar daddies, so to speak?”

They said these things to Jasmine’s face, too. “It’s probably not just me, but probably a lot of people in the family have big concerns, just like how grateful you are for everything Gino is really going to bring to you,” a third family member said.

Jasmine responded. “I understand your perspective, like me coming to [the] United States, I should be grateful for that. But the way I see it is that Gino should be grateful that I came to the United States and I left everything I have ever loved. My family, my kids, amazing weather, you know,” she said.

The most aggressive question came from a fourth family member, clad in a cowboy hat. “How will you contribute and be a productive American?” Jasmine cited she doesn’t yet have a work visa, but she’s been working to support her family since she was 16.

“I’m trying my best with Gino’s family right now, but this is what I mean when I say that they don’t like me no matter what I do,” she told cameras. “It’s almost like nothing about me is good enough for them. I don’t know what it’s going to take from me to convince them that I belong to the family.”

The ride home made things so much worse for Gino and Jasmine, as the woman dropped her phone beneath the car seat. Instead of pulling up her cell, she found a tube of lip gloss that didn’t belong to her. In classic Jasmine fashion, she responded with screams — and in turn, Gino responded with aggression, too.

The American man said it might belong to a coworker. “So you were dating a bitch from work?” Jasmine responded. Gino then denied having any relationships outside of the one with his fiancé — but that wasn’t a good enough answer for Jasmine.

“I have learned in these three years to read Gino through his body language and he cannot hide it. I know his expressions,” she told the cameras. “He changed color and everything. And the way he’s responding to me, I can tell he’s guilty of [something].”

Gino had no patience for the exchange. “Do you know how long I’ve had this f—ing car? Hello? For a long time,” he said, later adding, “You only found lip gloss under the seat and you have no idea why it was there or how it got there. And you’re screaming at the top of your lungs like there was a murderer or something.”

Jasmine sobbed and said she’d be returning to Panama, also telling Gino: “You’re dead.”

Anali and Clayton

90 Day Fiance
Anali and Clayton return home from the airport.TLC

Anali is finally in America! Her plane from Peru arrived at the airport, where Clayton greeted her with a bouquet of flowers. This was new for the American man. “I’ve always just had the attitude that flowers die. They’re just an expensive, temporary gift,” he said.

But he added the floral arrangement to his lineup of gifts, including a plush llama that smells like bubblegum and a mug — one that encourages his girlfriend not to eat his pet guinea pigs. Anali joked, “If you make me upset or something happens, you’re gonna have to watch your guinea pigs because I could take one and eat him.”

Upon arriving at their home, Anali was shocked by the small space she’ll share with Clayton and his mom. “The first thing I notice in the apartment is that there are things everywhere and it’s really overwhelming. There’s no couch to sit on,” she said. “There’s no table either. So where do they eat? They prefer their dogs sleep and the guinea pigs have room to play. They’re doing things backwards.”

She also wasn’t in the know about the fact that Clayton’s mom lives in his literal closet. “I think all couples start from zero, and I know later on we’ll have something bigger. So I can’t demand more from him — for now,” she said.

Ashley and Manuel 

90 Day Fiance
Ashley and Manuel attend a couple’s therapy session.TLC

This week, producers chimed in to express their confusion when Ashley and Manuel weren’t arguing. After what sounded like a quick lunch break filming, the couple appeared to mend a huge riff in their relationship.

“We had sex,” Ashley exclaimed.

To cameras, she explained that sex, to her, is a type of magic. She practices her witchcraft during the event. “There’s lots of power in sex. There’s lots of magic in sex, especially when you reach orgasm. Like, we manifest everything in our lives, every single thing,” she said.

“So when you’re having sex, think about what it is that you desire most and keep that in your head. And when you’re literally at the point of orgasm, concentrate on that and just watch it, like, vibrate inside of your head,” she continued. “You can do sex magic in a number of different ways, but you know that’s the easiest way.”

Manuel still wasn’t necessarily in good graces. He met some of Ashley’s friends who asked him some questions about his life and move to America. But he took this as an interrogation. “I knew they were going to attack me. I knew it,” he told the cameras. “In the moments when they weren’t listening to me, or they were ignoring me, the blood in my head was up to here. I don’t like that. The idea is to have friends, not enemies.”

Later, Ashley brought Manuel to a couple’s therapist — though he didn’t want to attend. She spoke about their disconnect. Ashley told the therapist she was losing trust because Manuel didn’t share enough of his life with her. Though he countered that he’s always dealt with things alone, Ashley said Manuel ignores her and pretends she doesn’t exist. When she’s “not being heard,” she becomes explosive.

It was then that Manuel offered a jab. “That’s when I sit back and enjoy,” he told the therapist.

To the cameras, Ashley expressed her distaste. “Why would you say something like that? That is so beyond rude, livid is an understatement,” she said.

Nikki and Justin 

90 Day Fiance
Nikki and Justin drive to meet his friends.TLC

Nikki and Justin are making moves in their sex life, which Nikki has been begging for. Still, there’s one part lacking — reciprocated oral sex. During the episode, Nikki asked one of Justin’s female friends if this is a cultural difference. She learned it’s not as Justin just hasn’t been up for the task.

He confided in his friends that it is Nikki’s identity as a trans woman that makes him hesitate. “When I think of intimacy with Nikki, for me it’s now it’s hard to forget … sometimes she acting like [a man] part, I don’t know, like, controlling it’s not working in our relationship,” he said.  “If I start thinking about who it is and what it is, then yes … then I — it cools you off. And sometimes I can’t perform because I still can’t fully accept all of it.”

Other conversations with the friends were deep, as Nikki explained her past. “I felt like, you know, I should have been honest,” she said of hiding her identity from Justin 15 years ago. “But when I changed my life, my family did not accept me. They cut me off for two years. So it was really, really hard, you know? I got to a place where I had to really struggle to survive. I was in the streets. I was homeless. I was hooked on drugs. I had to prostitute myself.”

The friends offered kindness and understanding. “I don’t want them to judge me. I don’t want them to judge Justin. But I want them to understand the reasons why Justin chose me,” she told the cameras.

Nick and Devin 

90 Day Fiance
Devin and Nick speak with his parents in Korea.TLC

Devin finally met Nick’s parents, who would determine if he was allowed to move to America and marry her. Things immediately went well when Nick’s parents noticed Devin is “beautiful” and “slim” — and they admitted to giving more thought to the idea of America.

Nick previously feared Devin would cry if uncomfortable, and she did. The waterworks came when Devin felt guilt for taking Nick across the world from his family.

Nick translated his mom’s concerns. “She’s saying she’s going to be sad now that I’m getting married to you and going to [the] U.S. She feels like I’m going to forget,” she added.

For Devin, this was the breaking point. “It’s quite difficult for me to hear her say that. A choice has to be made, and if this is the choice we’re going to make, obviously it’s going to hurt his family.”

At the table, she said, “There’s just too much pressure. I feel like this whole situation is my fault.”

Nick’s parents offered support. “As a parent, you will always worry about your children,” his mom said. “It’s okay. I believe you will continue to do well, and I will support you. I wish you all the best.”

With that, Devin and Nick received his parent’s blessing to wed. “At first, I was worried because he was meeting a foreign girl,” his mother said. “And now, he’s getting married, I was worried, but my son’s always done well. So I trust his decision. I can see why my son chose to marry Devin, and I hope they have a happy life together.”

The father added, “I hope the two of them can overcome hardships in the future.”

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