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90 Day Fiance: Armando & Kenny Argue Again About Baby Issue! So Close To Getting A Surrogate

Kenny and Armando have been the purest, most wholesome couples to come out of 90 Day Fiance. At first, they really impressed the fans by breaking the stereotypes and being the first same-sex pair on the show. As their storyline progressed, they never turned toxic or dramatic for one another.

This was the very reason why they won so many hearts. But, like any other duo, Kenny and Armando would lock horns, too. It was mostly regarding their willingness to expand their family and get a baby of their own. While the latter wanted it, the former was hesitant at first. But even after they were so close to surrogacy, they ended up having one more problem!

Armando and Kenny began showcasing their journey from The Other Way Franchise. After getting to know each other from a Facebook group for single dads, love bloomed among them. They indeed had a turbulent journey as the former’s parents didn’t even know about his sexuality. So, to get them on board made for interesting television.

The 90 Day Fiance couple was living a happy married life until Armando expressed his wish to have another baby. The pair was already raising his daughter from a previous marriage, Hannah, together. Kenny was scared about the idea as he is already in his 60s. So he was worried about taking up parental responsibilities as his time had passed for such things.

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At last, Kenny warmed up to the idea and Armando and him enthusiastically started filing the paperwork for a surrogate baby. That’s how their storyline ended in the latest The Other Way season, and fans were happy. But the couple talked about yet another trouble in paradise while discussing their surrogacy process in detail.

Kenny and Armando happily revealed at first that they had “seven embryos” ready to go. But they had to face yet another intense discussion. That’s because Armando wanted to plant two of them while Kenny thought just one would suffice. Shaun Robinson was the one who asked the pair this question during the tell-all, and everyone was shocked to see the couple have a difference of opinion again, especially when they were so close to their goals.

90 Day Fiance: Armando & Kenny Embrace Another Big Change!

Kenny and Armando showcased their storyline from La Misión, Mexico. The former was earlier living in Florida and uprooted his life from there for the love of his life. But they had their fair share of struggles in the small town. That’s because even the nearest grocery shop was 30 minutes away.

So, Kenny had expressed that it would be a good change for the 90 Day Fiance stars to move to Mexico City

. He felt that people in big cities would be more accepting of their family and sexuality. But Armando felt differently. At first, he was scared as people in such areas get “hurt” and “robbed” all the time.


90 Day Fiance

However, it was a pleasant surprise for the fans when Kenny and Armando collectively announced on the Tell All that they went through with their move to Mexico City. Are you excited about their new change? Tell us in the comments.

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