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’90 Day Fiancé’ : Are Jasmine And Gino Still Together? Answered

So are Jasmine and Gino still together after Jasmine's recent blowups and Gino's big mistake?

90 Day Fiancé fans like me are hungry for all the drama, tension, arguments, and yes, the adorable dates that do (sometimes) go well, and Gino and Jasmine serve it up every week. So are Jasmine and Gino still together after Jasmine’s recent blowups and Gino’s big mistake?

The tale of Gino and Jasmine has been a part of the 90 Day Fiancé ecosystem for three seasons of the original series, and they have been on spinoffs 9DF: Before the 90 Days and, most recently, 90DF: Happily Ever After. It’s even rumored they might be one of the couples on Season 2 of 90DF: The Last Resort, the latest spinoff series in a long line of shows—which would be good, because if any of the season 10 couples need therapy, these two are first in line.

A relationship fraught with fights

Gino and Jasmine from 90 Day Fiancé argue in a wedding dress shop during Season 10 of the tv show 90 Day Fiancé

This couple is famous for their emotional arguments and for keeping secrets from each other. Rather than face the truth, both Jasmine and Gino often hide their actions from one another if they believe that their spouse won’t like what they did. But the truth comes out, especially when your relationship is followed by a camera crew. And we hold these truths to be self-evident: that Jasmine will cry if she’s upset and Gino will yell.

Gino and Jasmine did get married in June 2023, and the wedding was part of their time on Season 10. I know I’m not the only one who was surprised that these two actually made it down the aisle, that Gino paid for a wedding dress after all, and that they did seem happy for a hot minute. Probably the hottest minute of all time, because all too soon after the wedding, there were major issues again, and it seems like the two of them are in the worst fight they’ve had yet.

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Jasmine and Gino on ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ Season 8

Gino and Jasmine in an interview on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 8

Season 8 of 90DF: HEA only has three episodes aired so far, and this last week’s ended on a sour note for Jasmine and Gino. The two of them went to a cafe after meeting with an immigration lawyer who told them it could take up to two years to get Jasmine’s children into the United States. This disappointing news had Jasmine attacking Gino with accusations that he was “evil” and saying that she wanted a divorce. As usual, her insults didn’t go well, and her husband thought it was a good idea to tell her that she was “screwed up” and hurl insults back. Happily ever after is a hard state to imagine for these two, and episode 3 of this current 90DF: HEA season isn’t helping so far.

Jasmine and Gino on the 90 Day Fiancé season 10 tell-all
Jasmine of 90 Day Fiancé cries in episode 3 of Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After

The latest season of 90DF had a very dramatic tell-all for Jasmine. During the two-part interviews with the cast at the end of Season 10, they showed Gino’s bachelor party at the strip club. This sent Jasmine into another emotional outburst and she had to leave the stage because she was sobbing so hard. Thankfully, friends from the cast followed her behind stage. Yet again, she threatened Gino with divorce. Between this fight and their fight in 90DF: HEA, are Jasmine and Gino still together?

Did Gino and Jasmine Spend Easter Alone?

I went to Instagram to try to find out if they are still together, but it’s very hard to tell. Six weeks ago, Jasmine posted the exclusive images of their wedding with People magazine but she has no pictures of herself and Gino together on her page other than that. None of her recent photos show her wearing her wedding ring. She posted a 2024 Easter photo, but Gino was missing from the picture.

Gino also posted a solo Easter image with his “new” hat look: He now wears a hat backwards instead of his previous signature fedora. So did Jasmine and Gino spend Easter alone? It’s hard to tell, and we still don’t know. Gino’s ring finger isn’t visible in his Easter picture, but Jasmine’s is, and she’s not wearing a wedding ring there, either.

Are Jasmine and Gino together today?

Despite their many arguments, threats of breaking up, and the time Jasmine was walking in the rain alone, Gino and Jasmine have a lot of good moments together and have stayed together throughout the years. They both love the spotlight, and many reality TV couples use their interpersonal conflict to hype up the drama. Yet they were still married last summer, and as recently as six weeks ago, Jasmine posted their pictures with a caption calling herself Mrs. Palazzolo.

We get to see more of this couple on Sunday night and during 90DF: HAE, and it’s likely they will take part in the therapy retreat series 90DF: The Last Resort season 2. As far as we know, despite threats of divorce, Jasmine and Gino are still married. Right now, they’re just using social media and their own drama to help hype up their shows.

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