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90 Day Fiance: Are Ashley & Manuel Still Together?

Ashley and Manuel are one of the newbie couples of 90 Day Fiance season 10. They crossed each other’s path by luck almost ten years ago when the former went to Ecuador for her studies. They connected despite the language barrier, but their relationship came with an expiry date.

The couple walked their separate ways after doing long-distance for quite some time. Ashley and Manuel have finally given their love another chance, which was followed by them applying for the K-1 visa. But are they still together after their ecent reconciliation?

90 Day Fiance: Are Manuel & Ashley Still Together?

90 Day Fiance castmates Ashley and Manuel have walked down the path of love again, almost after the hiatus of seven years. During this time, they have undergone several changes, most of which have yet to unfold.

Ashely confessed that during his 20s, her partner, Manuel, was a sort of “fu*k boy.” She even described herself as a ‘witch,’ talking about her business that offers tarot reading, astrology, and shadow work. The reality TV star then admitted that her beau was unaware of the extent of her “witchy practice.”

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The new 90 Day Fiance castmate, Ashley, even worried about how her partner would react to her profession on his arrival in the States. Irrespective of all these issues, the 90 Day Fiance couple is reportedly still together. Ashley and Manuel even attended the show’s ten-year celebration in New York City.

They wore wide smiles in addition to posing together at the big celebration on September 26, 2023. During a conversation with ET, Manuel looked stunned when he was asked about his reaction to Ashley’s witchy practices.

Manuel admitted not knowing her being a witch. He said, “She told me once, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it.” The reality TV personality then declared it was “like a surprise.”

90 Day Fiance: How Did Ashley & Manuel Fell In Love?

Ashley is originally from New York and later relocated to Ecuador during her undergrad years of college after getting inspired by her dream. During the premiere of 90 Day Fiance Season 10, she shared that she met Manuel at the New Year’s Eve party during her first year.

It was here that the Ecuador native, Manuel, asked Ashely for a dance. She could not resist and joined him on the dancefloor. They became inseparable and had their engagement within a week despite their language barrier.

The American woman, Ashley, accepted getting “caught up in the moment, being young and in love.” Sadly, their relationship came to an end mere months after they tried a long-distance relationship when she moved back to her place after finishing her course.

But fate brought them together after seven years, soon after Ashley came out of her long-term relationship. She then told the cameras that soon after her breakup, Manuel came out of nowhere and said, ‘Hola.’

Now that their destiny has brought them together let’s hope that they figure out their life together.

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