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90 Day Fiance: Angela & Michael Are Finally Together In Nigeria?

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort helped Angela and Michael to deal with their endless marital issues. The latter was in Nigeria and was virtually present during the entire show. Hence, the couple’s main hindrance was their long-distance relationship. Now it seems that they are determined to live together.

Recently, fans were in shock when they saw Angela and Michael together. Did the latter’s visa get approved, and did he travel to the USA? Or did Deem change her mind and shift to Nigeria? What is this couple up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Is Angela In Nigeria These Days? She Reunited With Michael!

Angela Deem admitted during 90 Day Fiance: Last Resort that it was really difficult for her to watch other couples spending time with their partners while she couldn’t. She was on video chat with Michael but missed him a lot. However, they worked on their marital issues and took an oath during the last episode as well.

After all this, now Angela and Michael have finally reunited. Lately, the former has been doing live sessions on TikTok with the latter and has been spending time with him. Recently, a Reddit thread started with a screenshot and revealed that Deem is finally in Nigeria.

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Fans were in disbelief as they witnessed Angela and Michael being civil and not abusing each other for a change. A user even wrote, “She’s taking a break from throwing a cake on his face.” However, this came after the former made it clear that she would never uproot her life from America. As per Deem, all her kids and grandkids are in the USA, and she can never live in Nigeria.

Moreover, Angela feels that she is habitual of her American life and won’t be able to adjust to the Nigerian dynamics as well. So, when viewers saw her being in Michael’s homeland, it was a shock for them.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Debuts New Hair Makeover During Her Nigerian Trip

90 Day Fiance star Michael has been trying his best to get his visa and shift to America. It has been more than 5 years since Angela Deem has also been burning the midnight oil for the same. But it seems that the couple is still struggling with paperwork and the strict laws.

However, Angela Deem decided to pack up her bags and travel all the way to Nigeria. She has been doing many live sessions, and viewers are happy that they are reunited now. Amid all this, fans were quick to note that the celeb now looked like a completely different person.

Angela perhaps decided to surprise her long-distance husband with a new hair makeover. During a recent live session, she was spotted wearing a blond wig. Deem’s straight hair touched her collar bones while she wore glasses to add character to her look. It seemed to be a wig, but fans were loving her new look.

A user wrote, “Is it just me or does this hair colour and style really suits her?.” Another one added, “It really suits her in this picture.” Someone further added, “Looks really good on her.” Many viewers even agreed that this was the “best” hair makeover of Angela till now.

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