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90 Day Fiance: Anali & Clayton Have Parted Ways?!

Anali and Clayton were one of the recently introduced couples in Season 10. They met on a language learning app, and their love story started there. Clayton even went to Peru to propose to her. And though Anali did say “yes,” there was no excitement. Still, the new 90 Day Fiance star filed for Anali’s K-1 Visa.

Now, Anali is in the US, so she and Clayton can be together. But there are a lot of red flags in the relationship. And with all the clues appearing online, fans want to know if the couple is still together.

90 Day Fiance: Are Clayton & Anali Still A Couple?

Clayton lives in a 1-bedroom apartment. But that is not the problem. His mother lives in his closet and is a hoarder, which makes his apartment more cluttered and messy. Then, there are Clayton’s pet guinea pigs and chihuahuas. He brought Anali to live in the same place and has no plans to change the situation.

This was red flag number one, and Anali obviously had some problems with it, but she hadn’t said anything yet. From there, the 90 Day Fiance couple’s situation only worsened. There was also the episode where Clayton had taunted Anali about the lack of their sex life. He had done so on a double date with his friend and friend’s girlfriend. This left poor Anali in tears. But the Peru native also wasn’t blameless.

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Anali hadn’t told her dad about her relationship with Clayton. The man thought his daughter moved to the US for a job! After seeing the storyline, fans are skeptical of this relationship. They want to know if the couple is still together, and the mid-season trailer has some clues.

In the clip, fans saw Anali enjoying a bachelorette party on a bus. There was also a seductively dressed man who was pushing his crotch in the star’s face and making suggestive gestures. It was all fun and games, but clearly, Clayton didn’t think so.

The US native angrily told Anali that he wanted “no strippers” at his bachelorette party, and this wouldn’t happen “again.” Clayton’s behavior upset Anali, and the latter walked away, telling him to “continue” with his life. A very upset Anali told in a confessional that Clayton “always” behaved the same.

Further in the video, she was packing her bags. At the same time, fans could hear Clayton telling someone over the phone that it was his “wedding tomorrow.” 90 Day Fiance fans were confused when he commented, “Looks like Anali might have finally gotten tired of my sh*t.”

But there is good news. Anali did not leave the US. Anali and Clayton are married, according to court documents!! But a Redditor did notice Clayton’s fan reply on X. The star had talked about his US plans, but when asked about Anali’s, he told the fan to “ask her.” So, is there trouble in paradise again?

90 Day Fiance: Weren’t Anali & Clayton A Married Couple? So Why 2 Different New Year Plans??

Clayton and Anali have been married since August 18, 2023. According to the court documents, a Methodist priest conducted the wedding ceremony. So yes, Anali didn’t leave the US, and the 90 Day Fiance pair did tie the knot.

90 Day Fiance

However, fans think there might still be some problems in their relationship. A Redditor had pointed out that when Clayton gave separate answers for his and Anali’s New Year plans. Clayton’s plans depended on what his “friends” might be doing. And for Anali, he told the fans to “ask her.” So, is this a publicity stunt, or are they officially over? Tell us what you think.

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