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90 Day Fiancé Alum Paul Staehle Posts Extremely Troubling Message After Hacking Allegation

  • Paul Staehle’s recent Instagram post indicates he no longer wants to live, expressing frustration with people using him for money or help.
  •  Paul’s note suggests feelings of loneliness and a lack of friends, possibly stemming from significant psychological issues such as depression.
  •  Despite Paul’s controversial history, he has a legion of fans supporting him. They would urge him to think about his sons and parents and strive to get his life back on track.

Paul didn’t respond to his wife’s accusations, but he recently shared a concerning Instagram story about himself. In Portuguese, he posted a note expressing his frustration with people using him for money or help.

Paul Staehle 90 Day Fiancé Instagram Story about feeling lonely

In the note, the 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum wrote, “somente na morte as pessoas se importarão e ficarão tristes porque têm uma pessoa a menos a quem pedir ajuda,” where he suggests that only in death people care and be sad because they have one less person to ask for help. Paul admitted that he was tired of his miserable life and bid everyone farewell.

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Paul added, “se eu escolher a morte, respeite minha decisão e permita-me morrer sozinho e descansar em paz,” which translates to, “if I choose death, respect my decision and allow me to die alone and rest in peace.”

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Paul’s message is concerning and hints that he’s suffering from major psychological issues, including depression. Hopefully, people around him will save him before he does anything regrettable. While Paul may feel he has nothing to live for, it’s high time for him to realize that he does have a legion of fans who have always supported him. He has over 500k Instagram followers, and most want to see him get his life back on track. Paul needs to think about his sons and parents. He’s only in his 40s and has so much he can achieve.

Paul may struggle to win over his critics quickly due to his history of controversial stunts, which tarnished his reputation. A few years ago, he attempted to sell his son’s DNA results online and damaged Karine’s reputation by leaking her private videos. In 2023, Paul disappeared in Brazil after leaving a distressing message for his mother, leading many to believe that he was in danger. However, Paul later revealed that his account had been hacked and his phone’s battery had died. Since these incidents are recent, many 90 Day Fiancé viewers may not take his latest message seriously.

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